August 2019

7 Sites That Need to be on Your Web Radar

3. I-Ella:
I-Ella is one of my favorite go-to sites for fab fashion finds with a very innovative concept. Where other sites urge you to buy, buy, buy, I-Ella urges their members to share, share, share! You can borrow, swap, sell, and/or lend your closet to this intimate invite-only community (which happens to be a most fashionably savvy one). And while there is a transaction fee for every item sold on their platform, 10% is directed to a charity of the buyers choosing, and 75% for a celebrity auction. Quickly gaining internet popularity, I-Ella, which launched in 2010 was already named “10 Startups to Watch” by Time Inc.

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One Response to “7 Sites That Need to be on Your Web Radar”
  1. Chelsea says:

    Thank you for connecting me with PAIRE! (Lucky#7!) This site is fabulous. There is nothing I enjoy more than jewelry and I am thrilled to discover so many hot brands in one spot. Thank you thank you!!!