September 2021

Amazing Exercise Classes in NYC and Tips from Fitness Gurus

There are so many workouts to choose from these days so how do you pick the best one for you?  If working out feels like a huge chore, then you have not found the right one.  Exercise should be fun and exhilarating and the endorphin release is a natural high (I always joke that it keeps me out of therapy). My associate Caitlin and I recently tried four new workouts in NYC that we think are worth sharing. Try them all one time for FREE and see what works for you! If you don’t live in NY, read below for great tips from some of the best fitness experts and ideas of how you can do some of these exercises at home.

xx Melissa

As One: Group Workout to Accelerate your Metabolism and Burn Fat
As One Fitness is probably one of the toughest workouts I have experienced–it pushed me to reach my physical potential through a variety of group exercises that use a combination of external resistance apparatus such as sand bags, ropes, and the AK27 bench (this is a bench with a heavy weight at the end where you hold it in your hands on one side and then do a series of killer squats). After a series of warm-up exercises and stretches, we began the routine followed by a run up and down several flights of steps which reminded me of my Radu days. The workout was founded by two of the best personal trainers and triathlon coaches, Mark Merchant and George Vafiades. Clients of As One include top media personalities, professional athletes, and Fortune 500 executives.

Our co-ed group consisted of about ten people who were all different fitness levels from beginner to triathlete. Although the workout was extremely challenging, I found that Mark and George push you to be YOUR personal best. Here’s the skinny:

•    The intense workout is 75 minutes and scalable to any level
•    It is only recommended that you do this routine 2x weekly so muscles can repair
•    The systematic and unique class regimen guarantees results while utilizing the intimate and energizing team support system from which tri-athletes benefit
•    As One promises that with regular work-outs, you create lean muscle, increase your metabolism and lose weight!

As One
1841 Broadway (at Columbus Circle)
Suite 713
New York, NY 10023
(917) 362-3909
For pricing and class schedule, visit

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If you don’t live in NYC and unable to try the classes, we asked George to give us his tips and suggestions to make sure you are putting intensity into your training:

1. Use a timer – pick four exercises and a full body movement (jumping jacks, burpees, etc.) and do one after another for a set time.  Start with 10 minutes and build up to 30 minutes.  This way the progression is built in and it is very clear you are doing more and more from workout to workout.

2. Schedule 15 minutes of stairs everyday – there are stairs everywhere so put on your sneakers and go!  Do the stairs faster, add squats on every floor, grab a dumbbell… the options are endless to constantly challenge yourself.

3. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate when traveling and using the hotel gym  so pick 5 exercises that you can do (cable curl, pushups, ab board, etc.) and create a countdown.  Start with ten repetitions and go through one round and then do a 2 minute interval on the bike. Next do 9 reps of each followed by 2 minutes on the bike, etc. until you get to 1 rep of each.

4. Squat! You cannot get into great shape without squatting.  Do lots of them with weight or without. Switch it around and be creative but squat!  No other exercise activates more muscle groups, challenges the cardio-vascular/respiratory system and stimulates the endocrine system like the squat.

5. There can be no cop outs! You need to train regularly. Goals will not be met if you are constantly giving yourself days off.  Every once in awhile that is fine, but keep yourself on track to be physically active, excited about doing, and never utter the words, “I’m too tired”.  Being “tired” is a most often a state of mind– and a self fulfilling prophecy. Say it and you are. Don’t say it and see what you experience.

Amplitude Vibrations Studio: The Next Big Workout Trend is Good Vibrations

Want a workout that tones your body with no weights, no impact, and you don’t even have to wear shoes? No it’s not yoga, it’s vibrations, and did we mention it only takes 20 minutes? “This is a game changer,” says co-owner and trainer David Newman. First it was spinning, then Zumba, and now vibrations is set to be next big trend in exercise. Vibration training is unlike anything I’ve ever tried and perfect for the busy NYC woman who can’t fit in an hour plus to work out. It involves doing simple exercises you already know how to do but on a vibration machine: squats, lunges, pushups, etc. Everyone from world class athletes like Lance Armstrong to ageless celebrities like Courtney Cox and Madonna to name a few are getting on the vibration train. It was originally developed by physical therapists for rehabilitation purposes so even grandma can do it. Without getting into too much science, there are countless benefits to vibration training, including increased circulation. This workout is also great for women because it tones without bulking up.

Amplitude Vibrations Studio
261 East 78th Street
New York, NY 10075
(646) 692-9317
For pricing and class schedule, visit

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Kathryn Albarelli_1

Figure 4 at Pure Yoga:  Ballet meets Yoga
When I walked into the calming, zen environment of Pure Yoga on New York’s Upper West Side, I had no idea of the butt-kicking workout I was in for. I was told to bring ballet shoes for Kate Albarelli’s new “Figure 4” class, so I assumed this would be cake for me, having practiced both ballet and yoga (I was in for a big surprise). Kate, a dancer with 15 years of professional ballet and dance company experience created this challenging and effective class–a mix of isometric exercises, ballet and yoga.

Moving through the exercises using my own body weight as the primary form of resistance made me feel the burn. I worked muscles I thought didn’t exist. The 60-minute class covers it all…arms, abs, thighs, butt, calves and even your hip flexors. We started off at the ballet barre with a ball between our legs to work the inner thighs and then moved into a variety of floor exercises including the dreaded plank pose. Kate has great energy and plays amazing music so it motivated me to make it through this complete body workout!

Here are Kate’s tips regarding her Figure 4 exercises
(some of them can be done from home):

1. In order to get the best and most effective workout, all ranges of movement must be utilized within the given exercise.  This means that isometric (small) movement, full range movement, and medium sized movement are all required in order to workout muscle length, the insertion of the muscles, and the slow/fast twitch muscles.  An example of this would be “fitness second position”.  Standing at a wall, take feet wide, toes turned out. Bend down until your hips are almost parallel to your knees. Pulse (small, isometric movement) for 20 counts.  Stay in your original bent knee position, then, take a medium range, by lowering down and up a few inches, a little slower than before.  Try 10 of those.  Finally, employ full range movement by bending deeply and straightening all the way 10 times.  Finish with your original pulses.  Now all points along the muscle have been targeted.

2. In order to keep the BEST knee health, body alignment and posture is of paramount importance.  Knees should always point over the 3rd toe, whether your legs are turned out or parallel.  If not, too much strain on the knee will occur and injury is inevitable.  When in class, look down and make sure that when you bend your knees, they are always bent over the middle of your foot (3rd toe).

3. While performing planks or push-ups, always keep your chin up enough to place a tennis ball underneath it.  By keeping your chin up (not too low or too high), you create a straight line down the back of your neck, which keeps your postural alignment correct and your position the most optimal. This makes things more difficult, but much more natural and healthy for the body.

Pure East
203 E. 86th St. at 3rd Ave.
(212) 360-1888

Pure West
204 W. 77th St. at Amsterdam Ave.
(212) 877-2025

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2 Responses to “Amazing Exercise Classes in NYC and Tips from Fitness Gurus”
  1. Dori says:

    Great article. I LOVE Kate’s Figure 4 class, she is such a motivating and fun instructor. I especially love how well she describes everything throughout the class, explaining why we are doing each exercise!

  2. Ghislaine says:

    focus on something still. iingmae ur a puppet and youhave a string pulling you up from the centre of ur head (in know, weird, right?) and pulling you into the right posture with your shoulders down your back straight. then do things without this posture and seee that it’s harder. go up onto pointe or demi pointe (the balls of ur feet or your toes) and hold that for as long as you can then slowly raise your arms to fifth, this will help you learn to centre your weight. strengthen your calf muscles too by lifting your heels off the ground and putting them back down. doing only 40 a night is good and it only takes a few seconds. this will help strengthen them and you will notice it will also help to improve your balance. or at least it did with me. do things like practice liftingyour leg and instead of focusing on how high your leg goes focus on your balance and keeping your balance and focus on your posture. these things will all start to help