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May 2021

Amy Wechsler, M.D.

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Amy Wechsler is a Manhattan-based dermatologist—one of only two doctors in the country who are board certified in both dermatology and psychiatry—and the author of the best-selling The Mind-Beauty Connection. She is a relied-upon resource for the media and has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, O, The Oprah Magazine, W, SELF, Elle, Allure, Martha Stewart Living, and People. Dr. Wechsler has a monthly column in Marie Claire and is a regular broadcast expert on The Today Show, the Dr. Oz Show and The Tyra Banks Show. Dr. Wechsler has two young children and resides in Manhattan.


Amy’s Picks

Tips for Beautiful Skin


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  • The must-haves for optimum skin beauty: A gentle daily cleanser, two good moisturizers—one for day with sunscreen (SPF 30+) and another for night; if necessary: antiacne washes and formulas, exfoliants, antioxidant serums, retinoid/retinol formulas
  • Create an illusion: You cannot boost your natural oil production, but you can repair your barrier by using moisturizers. That will help you hold on to moisture and oil, giving you a younger looking appearance
  • Skin fact: Gentle exfoliation can actually help dry skin hold on to moisture
  • Skin tip: Give products up to six months to work and show results
  • Cigs suffocate skin: Smoking breaks down collagen and can cut oxygen flow to the skin by as much as 30%, giving it a lifeless appearance
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