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June 2021

Beat the System

What’s a girl to do when fastidious FAA employees confiscate urgently necessary beauty products?

We try to avoid checking luggage like we try to avoid catching the flu. But going carry-on only is a real road block to beauty. Rules for flying: liquids and gels must be no more than 3.4 ounces each and transported in a clear plastic zip-top bag. What a pain! Instead, try these travel kits recommended by our friends at beautystat.com. We love the simplicity, and the FAA will love the size.


Molton Brown

Molton Brown’s leather-packaged travel sets are perfect for you aroma-therapy fans. Their passion flower and pandano-fruit scent is delicious and calming, perfect for travel stress. The $59 Indulgent Traveller includes shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, body wash and moisturizer. The $135 Globe Trekker includes those products, plus a face wash, toner, eye cream, hydrating moisture mist and vitamin lip balm.

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Kate Somerville Mini Glow Kit

The Mini Glow Kit for $85 is limited edition, online only, and houses three of Somerville’s best sellers in one convenient vinyl bag. The exfoliating face scrub instantly brightens our skin, and hydrating serum and turbo-driven anti-aging cream are a must for our travel-weary faces. Great for ladies of a certain age, or for anyone who doesn’t want to look like one!

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Lisa Hoffman Skincare Night & Day Single Packette

From Dustin Hoffman’s wife, Lisa, we love these daily kits—we just count our days away and pack what we need! Each set has a complete morning and evening routine, and each potion is in an airtight, resealable ampoule. A complete set is $9.95 and contains bath soak, body wash, body polisher, body cream, and hand and foot butter. You can’t beat this kit for value and quality, and it’s perfect for all ages and skin types.

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Westin’s “Heavenly Travel” Kit

Bliss out on vacation with this set from, yes, you heard us correctly, Westin Resorts. They teamed up with Bliss Spa to create the Westin White Tea Aloe Travel Set. We’re nuts about the subtle scent, and for only $12, you get a 1.25-ounce shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and bar soap.

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Créme de la Mer

Luxuriate with La Mer travel kits for normal/dry skin or normal/oily skin. Each kit contains your La Mer must-haves like cleansing lotion, toner, anti-aging face serum, eye cream and the famous face cream itself. Don’t faint: each kit may be $340, but the luminosity and hydration we get is worth every penny—you see marked improvement in no time. If you have dry skin, this is the set for you.

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For men:


Billy Jealousy Wanderlust Travel Kit

Keep him out of your beauty bag with this kit that bends over backward to service his every need for only $25.95. It has a shaving cream that conditions skin with chamomile and aloe; a shampoo to promote thick, healthy hair; facial cleanser; subtle citrus-scented body wash; and hair gel. Now it’s you who has to keep her hands off!

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Frederick Benjamin’s “The Traveler”

For only $16, grab the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner in this kit from Frederick Benjamin. With its menthol scent, these products leave a tingly, squeaky-clean feel. And a little bit goes a long way—you can travel for a week on this kit.

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