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March 2023

Be My BFF Valentine: Show Your Best Friends the Love on Valentine’s Day

By Nancy Rotenier


Don’t wait for birthdays to make your best friends feel special. Show some BFF love on Valentine’s Day. For this twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day gift, no money required—it really is the thought that counts. But if you’re more “buy” than DIY, you can get great Valentine’s Day gifts for your best friend for less than $10.

Find Those Special Gifts for Your Best Friend
To come up with personalized Valentine’s Day gift ideas, what do you and your BFFs bond over? What don’t you bond over?! Clothes, shoes, boys, music, cocktails, work. You see Sex and the City the day it premieres, laugh about the boy you both had a crush on, share weight-loss tips, and more. What glues your friendship together makes for great gifts on Valentine’s Day. So, whether you like to buy or DIY, take these Valentine’s Day gift tips out for a BFF spin. Remember, on the day dedicated to love, you’ve loved your girls long before you discovered boys!

For a Happy Valentine’s Day Gift for Your BFF, Say It with a Chocolate Gift
Best friend plus Valentine’s Day? Chocolate. Enough said?! From PMS craving-cure to boyfriend-breakup cheer-up, you and your bestests could form a local chapter of Chocoholics Anonymous.

DIY For Your Best Friend Gift: Bake Something Chocolate—Think Brownies or Truffles
Gourmet treats or homespun favorites, both brownies and chocolate truffles are easy to make, don’t require many ingredients or special kitchen equipment, and—THEY’RE CHOCOLATE!

BFF BUY Some Chocolate Love Straight from the Supermarket
Do you and your best friends prefer your chocolate prepared by Mr. Hershey? Go for the spot-on Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses. Just tack a red ribbon on the supermarket-size bag and hand it over. Yes, you actually have to hand it over to your BFF.
Buy Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses, $5.99, at walgreens.com

Be the Best “Boyfriend” Ever & Give Your BFF Valentine’s Day Jewelry
From sharing plastic princess tiaras to pairing her pearls with your LBD, you both love all things sparkly. For Valentine’s Day, be the best boyfriend your girlfriend could ask for. Whether she has a boy of her own, or especially if she doesn’t, you know what she really wants—bling.

BFF DIY Homemade Friendship Bracelet
Reminisce about pinky swears and cootie shots? Then take a turn down nostalgia lane and make your BFF the classic friendship bracelet. Make a friendship bracelet in her favorite colors. There are dozens of websites with easy-to-follow instructions. Find a pattern you love, buy some embroidery floss at a local yarn store or toy store, then weave away! And if you’re especially crafty, work in some beads, glue-gun some rhinestones, embroider her initials or favorite word.

BUY Your Best Friend Jewelry If You Prefer to Fake It, Not Make It
Not a hands-on kind of girl? Go for costume jewelry. There’s plenty of jewelry that says Be My BFF Valentine without breaking open your piggy bank. Blow a little BFF Valentine’s Day kiss. These delicate earrings are from Candi Stamm, who makes it feel like every day is Valentine’s Day with her fabulous assortment of costume jewelry. There’s a lot to love for $10.
Buy Candi Stamm Costume Jewelry, starting at $10, email candistamm@nyc.rr.com

On Valentine’s Day, Remind Your Best Friend You’re There for Her
You bond with your BFF over girl talk. She’s still looking for the one. You give her first-date tips. She can’t decide which shoes to buy. You go with. For her Valentine’s Day gift, give her what she needs most—you.

DIY BFF IOU for What She Can’t—or Won’t—Do Without You
If your best friend plays Oscar to your Felix and you wish she’d just clean up her act, do it for her. When she gets homesick and misses her mother’s cooking, make her favorites. Give your best friend a helping hand as a Valentine’s Day gift and write her an IOU for something special, from organizing her desk, to making her breakfast in bed, to listening to hours of deconstructing her most recent dating debacle.

BUY Your Best Friend the Perfect Gift of a Perfect Fella
In the BFF bible, the first commandment: Thou shalt be there for her through thick and thin. Translation: You will encourage her through every endlessly weepy breakup with not-the-one. Prefer to skip the “he’s out there and it’s just a matter of time” pep talk? If a quick pick-me-up is more her speed—and yours—go for a laugh instead and give her Prince Charming. Grow him in minutes. Just add water!
Buy Magic Frog to Prince, $8, at fredflare.com


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