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March 2023

Best Hostess Gifts

Whether invited to a party, BBQ or to spend the weekend at a friends summer home, it’s always nice to bring a thoughtful gift for the host or hostess to show your appreciation. Here are some fun and creative suggestions:

1. Indego Africa Wine Bags
Wine is the go-to party gift; spice it up with an atypical printed wine bag! These bags are fresh and fun for the summer, with their popping patterns and bright hues. Each bag is hand sewn by women at the Cococki cooperative in Rwanda. When you gift these wine bags you are not only giving to your hostess but to the women who made them as well –100% of the proceeds are returned to the women for training in long-term skills.
Buy Now, $8

2. Celestial Coasters

Anthropologie is the place to find great creative home goods, especially ones that are priced right.  These coasters look like a combination of ceramic tiles with sliced geodes inside them. Potter Kerry Brooks makes them by hand and each one is unique. These daintily detailed coasters are a quirky-cute addition to anyone’s party set.

Buy Now, $32

3. Cocktail Master
No party is complete without some crazy cool cocktails. Ban the host or hostess from spending all of their party at the bar with this great gadget! It mixes the drinks for you to save time and arm strength. Plus it dispenses your drink as well. Complete with a measuring guide on the side, you can precisely follow drink recipes all the while controlling your portion. I LOVE this gadget!
Buy Now, $35

4. Zoku® Quick Pop Maker
Summer wouldn’t be summer without ice pops. Forget the ice-cream truck, entertain your kids by letting them make their own! Yogurt, juice, stripes, fruit –this maker unleashes the kid’s creativity. It’s even great for adults too! (Can you say margarita pops?). In only 7-9 minutes you will have perfectly formed pops. Best of all, this gadget is easy-to-use and clean; no ice-pops stick to the device, and no mess is left behind. Once used, the plastic sticks and holder are super easy to clean!
Buy Now, $49.95

5. Olivier Cruet
Foodies rejoice! This elegant cruet combines hand-filled bottles of extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar stacked one atop the other.  The cruet also serves as delicious décor to your dining room table or kitchen set.  Perfect to bring to a dinner party or BBQ.
Buy Now, $26

6. Slatkin & Co. 3 wick candles
I love anything Slatkin & Co does since founder Harry Slotkin was coined the “king” of home fragrance in the New York Times. These candles with three wicks look substantial and have alluring aromas like Coconut Leaves and Mango Cilantro! With such a nice variety of smells, the luxurious candles can induce any host or hostess into a post-party relaxed coma.
Buy Now, $19.50

7. Crushed Bowl
A modern take on the classic serving dish, this unique bowl is super chic with its novel design.  Makes sense that it was designed by a Belgian-Dane architect whose work won the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture. Its geometric shape and white color makes it an easy fit into any contemporary kitchen. Giving this gift will guarantee that your host will be thinking about you after you’re long gone.
Buy Now, $110

8. Monogrammable Paper Guest Towels
I always love to give gifts that are personal and practical! These paper hand towels are nicely monogrammed are great to bring to a BBQ or dinner party.   They can be used in the bathroom as hand towels or for napkins.  This is one of my summer go-to gifts and everyone loves receiving them!
Buy Now, $29

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