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May 2021

Black + Blum Box Appetit: Not Your Average Lunch Box

My mom’s wise words echo in my head every morning as I forget (read—am too lazy) to brown bag it to work. “Linz, think about it,” I hear her say. “You’d save $50 a week if you brought your own lunch!” She’s right, but I still haven’t dragged myself out of bed, even just 5 minutes earlier. But that all changed once I got my hands on the Black + Blum Box Appetit lunchbox. This microwavable ceramic container includes the perfect components for any packed lunch. The inner dish keeps your salad separate from your pasta while the sauce pot seals in your dressings and sauces. This is just the kick in the you-know-what I need to start saving on lunch and spending on my must-haves for fall.—Lindsay Leff

Buy Black + Blum Box Appetit, $22, at black-blum.com

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