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September 2021

Blue Star Puts Private Jet Charters within Your Reach

By Amelia Harnish

You arrive at the airport, bound for your dream destination. Your private jet plane awaits—no endless lines for security checks, no crowded terminals, no hour-long delays. On board, you sip champagne as you recline in your plush leather seat.

Share a Charter on A Luxury Private Jet
Fantasy? Beyond your means? Not necessarily. Blue Star Jets’ ShareAJet Exchange has no membership fees and offers private jet charter flights and private flight sharing. Like Facebook for flying, you can search for travelers headed your way and arrange to share flights aboard a private aircraft. Or you can post your trip and let other jetsetters connect with you.

Save on Private Jet Prices
ShareAJet Exchange can save you thousands. A chartered flight from New York to Los Angeles on a Gulfstream jet runs about $25,000. Share the flight with 7 new friends through ShareAJet Exchange, and that’s math any frequent flyer would love—a ticket now just north of $3,000. Not bad, considering a first-class ticket on a commercial airliner can run upwards of $1,000. And with ShareAJet Exchange, you pick the days and times you travel. Founded in 2001 by former Wall Street executive Todd Rome, Blue Star Jets has been named the most prestigious private jet services brand and the favored flier of celebrities such as Andy Roddick, Denis Leary, and the family of Bob Marley. With only 4 hours notice, Blue Star can have you on any jet, to anywhere.

Get a quote online at Bluestarjets.com. Call to book your reservation. US: 1-866-JET-TIME (1-866-538-8463).

To decide where to jet, read Weekend Getaway Travel Wonders and A Little Luxe for Less: Europe. Set your sights high and tweet your dream jet-setting vacation to @PageDaily or post a picture of the location on the PageDaily Facebook wall.

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