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January 2021

Booty Slide™ by Rebecca Kordecki



Booty Slide™ by Rebecca Kordecki

Whether you’re lounging poolside at the Soho House or frolicking on the shore in the Hamptons, your perfectly sculpted physique is sure to turn heads. Yet endless hours spent achieving and maintaining it hardly sounds like great summer fun. Fortunately, celebrity fitness trainer Rebecca Kordecki is offering a fabulous alternative to traditional workouts with her Booty Slide™ classes. The program combines principles from pilates, yoga and balance training and promises to do in 30 minutes what would ordinarily take triple the time at the gym. Each participant wears soft, slippery booties, and performs sliding and lunge-like motions. The workout requires considerable stamina and insures that both legs are simultaneously engaged. Problem areas such as the hips, thighs, arms, torso, and of course, the booty are targeted. Those who want an even more invigorating class might also consider Kordecki’s Gettin’ the Boot boot camp, which incorporates core exercises, boxing, obstacle course runs and military drills.

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