August 2022

Brighten Your Smile

The one accessory you should always be wearing is a beautiful smile. To help you get the whitest and brightest teeth possible, we found the best DIY whiteners. No need to stop drinking your favorite coffee and red wine…using these products will give you those pearly whites you have always dreamed of.

Crest Glamorous White Toothpaste, $4.50

If you’re looking for fast results, this will be your new go to whitener. It is proven to whiten after just one brush, while removing up to 90% of stains after 5 days. A miracle product!

GO SMiLE Whitening Light System, $85

You don’t have to worry about paying hundreds of dollars at the dentist to get the perfect smile. GO SMiLE Whitening Light System is the best DIY whitener! The machine is light and compact…perfect to take when traveling.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, $4

This whitening toothpaste is perfect for those who want to whiten their smile in one week. For best results, use this toothpaste consistently for a month…you will notice that your teeth will be at least three shades whiter!

Rembrandt Intense Stain Dissolving Strips, $16.00

These clear strips are great for removing tough stains. Use them daily and see results in less than one week. What we love most about this whitening product is that the strips dissolve on your teeth, so there is no messy removal. Good for sensitive teeth too!

BriteSmile To Go Whitening Pen, $22

Whitening on the go is super easy with these amazing whitening pens. Each pen has enough whitening formula to last for 30 days. Just paint the quick drying gel onto your teeth twice a day and see results in about two weeks. These pens are easy to use and leave no mess behind. Keep them in your bag to use any time, anywhere!

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