January 2020

Catching up with Wonder Woman Avis Richards

MM: Your short film Lunch, about public school meals was very enlightening. Are there other educational videos we can expect to see from Birds Nest Foundation?
AR: Yes! We’re currently in production of LUNCH 2: The Solutions. With the help of many professionals, including Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network; Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm; and New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, we’ll discuss America’s malnutrition crisis. We’re also working on Magdalena, a feature film about the ongoing practice of female genital cutting in Africa. And of course, we’re constantly producing media for many non-profits and charities.

MM: Tell us about Dylan’s Lunchbox and how that came about.
AR: The idea of Dylan’s Lunchbox came to me after we saw how successful LUNCH: The Film became. There is a need for programming and media centered around healthy eating and lifestyle. Dylan is a precocious foodie, and places a high priority on healthy, wholesome food.

MM: You are an award winning executive producer and director working with a bevy of celebs. Why not go into feature filmmaking or television?
AR: I’m a working philanthropist–my calling is to give back through multimedia. And honestly, I’m really proud of the work we’re doing right now. The medium that we’re working with allows us the flexibility to tackle these very important social issues of our time. That’s flexibility that really isn’t available in features and on the mainstream cable television channels.

MM: As a New Yorker you know how mobile life can be, what are some of your favorite healthy snacks for on the go?
AR: Fresh fruits and veggies are my all time favorite snack–I usually just throw them in a baggy and head out the door. Chia seed bars from Health Warrior give me energy that powers me through the day. And you can’t go wrong with a fresh juice from Organic Avenue.

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