August 2022
  • 8 / 22 / 2012

    Date Night Makeup No-Nos

    By Daily Makeover

    We spoke to celebrity makeup artist, Carmindy, to find out what you should be wearing on your special night, from skin to lips, to ensure your date leaves wanting more…

    8 / 16 / 2012

    The Best Brushes For Your Hairstyle

    By Daily Makeover

    It’s no secret that great products can make or break a hairstyle. But did you know that using the perfect hairbrush can do more than half the work?

    8 / 14 / 2012

    Brighten Your Smile

    By Melissa Meyers and Elizabeth Brannan

    The one accessory you should always be wearing is a beautiful smile. To get the whitest and brightest teeth possible, we found the best DIY whiteners…

    8 / 13 / 2012

    Bargain Beauty

    By Molly Tracy

    Think that drugstore brand cosmetics can’t stand up next to those department store products that you swear by? Guess again! We’ve scoured the aisles of our favorite drugstores…

    8 / 9 / 2012

    Makeup Tips For Your Eye Shape

    By Daily Makeover

    Applying shadow and eyeliner isn’t just about rocking the latest trends, it’s about understanding your eye shape too. Whether your eyes are deep set, close set or wide set, check out these tips to make the best of your makeup application…

    8 / 7 / 2012

    Go Au Naturale

    By Melissa Meyers and Molly Tracy

    Ever wonder why celebrities always look great even without makeup? Well, many of them ARE wearing makeup…you just don’t know it! Achieving that naturally radiant look doesn’t have to come from the help of a professional. Here are our must-have makeup picks…

    8 / 6 / 2012

    Get Smooth for Summer

    By Melissa Meyers and Elizabeth Brannan

    Who doesn’t want softer skin, especially during the summer? These amazing scrubs will leave your skin noticeably smoother, softer, and healthier…

    7 / 31 / 2012

    QVC Beauty Picks

    By Melissa Meyers and Molly Tracy

    Shopping on QVC has recently become a guilty pleasure for us with all of its new and fabulous product offerings! Check out some of our favorite beauty product picks to help get you through the summer looking your best.

    7 / 25 / 2012

    Sunscreens We Love

    By Melissa Meyers and Molly Tracy

    Protecting our delicate skin from the sun’s harsh rays is essential during these smoldering summer months. Here is a list of our favorite sunscreens to give your skin the proper protection it needs…

    7 / 23 / 2012

    Best Summer Hair Tricks and Trends

    By Melissa Meyers

    With summer comes days at the beach, backyard BBQs and unruly hair. We found the hottest trends for tresses and the perfect products to keep your locks in tip top shape…

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