September 2022

Celebrity Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder: Face Mapping

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has understood that uneven color and texture on the skin, patchiness, fine lines, and breakouts are indicators of deeper issues going on within your body. Our bodies are holistically connected through energy lines called meridians that run up and down the entire body. “Face mapping” is a technique that allows us to study the face and body for common “problem areas” that are actually reversible. It is a complex healing art, but here is a taste of how what we eat shows up on our faces – literally.

A Lined Forehead: A lined forehead may indicate congestion by way of a blocked, toxin-filled colon and/or gallbladder. This usually means someone is consuming a lot of dairy or cooked animal or vegetable oils, or has a good diet, but is not cleansing as efficiently as he or should be to keep up with the toxicity that their diet is kicking up. To reverse this, add more fiber to your diet with the Glowing Green Smoothie, cut out or minimize dairy consumption, and cook with vegetable broth or coconut oil instead of easily oxidized vegetable oils.

Dark Under-eye Circles or Puffiness: Dark under-eye circles and puffiness indicate adrenal exhaustion. It’s the body’s cry for more sleep and the need to cut back on stress. Try avoiding caffeine and alcohol all together, and try transitioning to caffeine-free, antioxidant-rich teas like rooibos (as a replacement for your morning coffee). Additionally, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water between meals.

Also, the proper sodium balance is important for glowing skin that is hydrated, supple and gorgeous- but not puffy. Eating foods with the proper balance of the electrolytes of organic sodium and potassium can help, such as celery, kale, spinach, olives, sea vegetables, and Swiss chard.

Acne: Acne is often a symptom of something happening deep inside the bodies, especially if you follow a good skincare routine and are still experience regular, cystic breakouts. It can indicate a hormonal imbalance and congestion in the colon. The liver is a major detoxifying organ, and when our colon becomes overloaded, which is where the liver usually passes toxins into, it instead pushes them out through the skin, another detoxifying organ. This can erupt in the form of acne. It is helpful to take probiotics and eat probiotic-rich foods like raw sauerkraut on a daily basis, which will supply our bodies with enzymes and friendly bacteria to help keep our digestion optimal and will help our bodies detoxified on a daily basis. Avoid clogging, difficult to digest foods like dairy, soy and processed foods and start incorporating a program that includes cleansing and detoxifying with lots of enzymes and fiber to clear out the “sludge”. A daily Glowing Green Smoothie is the best way to detoxify on a daily basis.

Crow’s feet lines around the Eyes: This may also indicate that our adrenals are being overtaxed and that the body is acidic and imbalanced. Cut out smoking and caffeine,add my Glowing Green Smoothie to your diet, and cut back on your sugar intake.


While accumulating in-depth knowledge of indigenous health practices in diverse, local communities throughout Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America, Snyder discovered her calling in life: to be of service by helping others improve their lives through nutrition.

A Clinical Nutritionist (CN), Snyder philosophies are rooted in the ability of the body to naturally heal itself with food and nutrition being the key to ultimate health and beauty inside and out.

Snyder’s work as a CN incorporates a holistic approach to heal the body, increase energy, and achieve optimum health, beauty, and balance in life naturally. Her main protocols include increasing the body’s alkalinity, consuming a diet of enzyme-rich foods as close to their natural state as possible, increasing efficient digestion, and intelligent, guided and ongoing cleansing. This philosophy embodies Snyder’s belief that health and beauty are entirely synonymous: Outer beauty is a reflection of inner health.

Snyder designs eating plans, recipes and tips that work for everyone regardless of lifestyle: vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or omnivore and strongly believes that you can discover your ultimate health and beauty without having to count calories or grams of carbs.

Snyder brings her nutritional expertise to a variety of forums. She is the nutritionist for many of the entertainment industry’s top celebrities and has worked with clients on some of Hollywood’s biggest film sets. She has also been a guest and nutritional expert on many top national television programs, including Good Morning America, E!, EXTRA and Good Day LA. She has also been featured or served as a contributor to publications such as Lucky, Elle, Nylon, Fitness, Women’s Health, Hers, Real Simple, Us Weekly, OK!, InTouch and Life & Style.

Snyder is a member of National Association of Nutrition Professionals and The American Association of Nutrition Consultants. She is also a sought after holistic personal chef, and certified yoga instructor.

On March 28th, 2011, Kim launched her first book, The Beauty Detox Solution, a prescriptive diet, health and beauty book. Published by Harlequin, it has already drawn praise from celebrities and experts including Dr. Mehmet Oz, Drew Barrymore, Hilary Duff and Owen Wilson. In an ever-changing and increasingly confusing world of nutrition, beauty and weight loss-advice, The Beauty Detox Solution appears as a Godsend to people everywhere. In this book, Kim reveals that through the power of food, you can regain a healthy radiant glow, increase energy, banish acne, splotchy skin and wrinkles, grow lustrous hair and strong nails, melt away fat, loose weight and never count calories again.

Please visit Kimberly’s blog,, for a wealth of healthy and beauty knowledge, tips and recipes.

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  1. Dating Coach Ceil says:

    Highly informative article. Thank you for the great read! Periodically, I get inquiries from clients who want to know where to start with their Wellness plans as they make another transformation in their lives (singe to dating). I will be sharing this with these coaching clients who are now getting back into the swing of things and getting their feet wet in the Dating Pool!