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September 2021

Unwanted Clothes + Friends = Clothing-Swap Party Fun

By Hattie MacAndrews

Don’t know what to do with that slinky Calvin Klein dress you never quite fit into? How about those killer stilettos that kill your toes? Out with the old, in with the new, and hold onto your wallets with a great girls’ night in—a clothing-swap party. Clothing swaps are pure genius. You take your unwanted, gently or never-worn clothes to a gathering with your girlfriends and trade—way better than baseball cards! Welcome to sustainable, free shopping.

Get a Clothing-Swap Party Started

Select the invites to the clothing swap: Get 10 girlfriends to bring about a dozen items each, all new or gently worn, washed, pressed, and in good condition. Keep in mind guests’ ages, style preferences, and clothing sizes. And be careful—those stretchy polka-dot leggings may have been great while pregnant, but now? Not so much.

Where to host a clothing swap: Make sure your guests will fit comfortably, with enough mirrors and space for everyone to sit and relax!

What’s a clothing-swap party without refreshments? Shake up some cocktails—read My Mixed Tape of Cocktail Recipes.

Establish Clothing-Swap Rules

Plan ahead and decide how the clothing swap will work. Remember, you don’t want things to get personal. This is wardrobe refill without maxing out your plastic—or your friendships.

  • Exchange each item of clothing for one ticket.
  • All items go to the “auctioneer”.
  • Let everyone mingle and relax, then the swapping begins!
  • The auctioneer holds up one item at a time; if you want it, raise your hand.
  • If you’re the only bidder, it’s yours! You exchange a ticket in return for your item.
  • If more than one person wants it, try rock paper scissors!
  • If someone brought those pregnancy pants or other undesirables, a quick visit to the Salvation Army will do the trick.

Can’t decide if you should swap it or keep it? Read Spring Cleaning: Make Room for New Clothes! Throw your own clothing-swap party, then tweet @PageDaily about it or post a picture of your swap party on our Facebook page!

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One Response to “Unwanted Clothes + Friends = Clothing-Swap Party Fun”
  1. Tori Estelley says:

    This is SO great!! totally awesome idea, i always want my friends clothes and this is such a cute idea! well done Pagedaily im lovin’ your site! lol Tori