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March 2023

Detox Diet Food Cleanse 101


By Yvette Rose, Guest Editor

Overweight Nation: The Struggle to Lose Weight & Eat Well
It’s no secret that we are an obese nation and that we’re getting fatter by the day—no need to bore you with statistics. It’s scary that anyone can develop or fall back into poor eating habits, especially when stressed out or super-busy. I’m a physical trainer, yoga teacher, and vegan, and even I’ve had to find a way to get back on a healthy-eating track; hence the popularity of body cleansing diets.

Cleanse Diet Discovery: Successful Weight Loss Secret
I spent years researching various diet methods and found that what dieters really need is a break from bad habits—yes, I’m talking to you, coffee addicts and sugar junkies! Time for a full body cleanse intervention! Why a cleanse? It’s a process that does exactly what it sounds like. You eat and drink foods and juices that remove toxins from your body, literally cleaning out your system. The goal: remove addictive ingredients such as sugar, wheat, caffeine, dairy, and even alcohol from your daily routine. When done properly, a healthy diet cleanse can actually eliminate your cravings for the bad stuff.

Be Healthy, Get Thin, Have Flat Abs, Look Radiant: Yvette’s Cleanse Goals
When I started formulating my own body cleansing program, I was primarily concerned about getting all of us healthier, but there certainly were some vanity issues involved. I wanted to help clients look vibrant, have a flatter stomach, and be thinner. My goal—to create a diet cleanse that was significantly different from the other options I had tried, unsuccessfully.

In-Depth Research from Master Cleanse to Juice Cleanse
I tried different cleansing techniques, and, believe me, it wasn’t an easy journey: master cleanse, juice cleanse, raw food cleanse, even the cabbage cleanse. Not pleased with the results. More research followed.

The Juice-Cleanse Myth
After my cleanse world tour, I was vindicated—you don’t need to drink only juices to clean out your system. Want to know why popular thinking says you have to stick with an all-liquid or raw-vegetable diet? Those cleanses are extreme. So you think, they’re so awful and hard to stick to, they must be working. Yes, it’s “no pain, no gain” marketing.

The Weight Loss & Healthy Eating Solution
The truth—you can take the ingredients that are in a juice cleanse and eat them instead. A cleanse can consist of meals with whole foods or blended whole ingredients. In fact, you will get more of the benefits from these foods than by grabbing a juicer and wringing out all the fiber.

Tips for a Successful Detox Diet Cleanse:

• Detox Diet Cleanse DIY: Good Morning!
Morning is important. Your body needs protein and fiber but, unfortunately, most people are too busy to prepare breakfast. It’s easier than you think. On a food cleanse, an apple and some nuts (raw nuts, soaked overnight so the body can break down the nutrients) are an easy way to start the day.

What to Eat for Lunch on a Detox Diet Cleanse
Of course, fresh-pressed juices are fantastic for you, but a meal in the afternoon, when your energy level is decreasing, is nice too. Take some vegetables, steam them, make a soup with them, add some legumes for protein and pumpkin seeds and olive oil for healthy fat.

• On a Detox Diet Cleanse, Nighttime Is for Chewing
In the evening, I want to chew. When I do my food cleanse, I always start with a vegetable broth, then add chunks of vegetables and spices so my soups are chewy and delicious. This allows me to eat with my family without feeling deprived. You can make creative textures and shapes with your vegetables, and even marinate them in turmeric and a little cayenne, both of which have great anti-inflammatory powers!

• Vegetable Don’ts When Body Cleansing
There are vegetables that I recommend you avoid during a cleanse, including eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers. These vegetables are called nightshades and can cause inflammation if you eat too many.

• Healthy Diet Cleanse Treats—Naughty or Nice?
I believe that training, eating healthy, or taking any other disciplined action means I also get to enjoy an indulgence. During a food cleanse, it’s not okay to grab a cupcake or bagel, but a cacao nibblet is always nice.

Why Try a Diet Cleanse?
When you decide to do a cleanse, it’s probably because you need to hit the restart button. Why are you doing a cleanse? Is it to get rid of your coffee habit, because you’ve been eating too much sugar, or because you’re retaining too much water? Whatever your reason, a detox diet cleanse may be the answer, because we all need a “time out” once in a while.

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3 Responses to “Detox Diet Food Cleanse 101”
  1. Nancy Rielle says:

    I’m a chewer, so a not entirely liquid cleanse seems more appealing to me — hope I win this!! Cheese is my bug-a-boo food.

  2. Nancy Rielle says:

    Oh, I’m in Williamsburg, not Manhattan. But, if I win, I’ll come pick up the goods myself!

  3. Allison Jagtiani says:

    I’ve done the Joulebody cleanse and absolutely love it!! I felt so energized and alert afterwards. Most surprising is that I didn’t even get my typical coffee headaches when I switched to tea instead of coffee for the cleanse.

    I would highly recommend Joulebody!