December 2022

Dirty Girl Movie Review

Dirty Girl, a new movie coming out tonight, stars Juno Temple playing a rebellious teenager.  If you are looking for a snarky and unique flick to see this weekend, check it out.  I went to the screening last week and here is my take:
Juno Temple’s character Danielle is the reckless high school slut of Norman High School in Oklahoma (1987). After displaying some hideous behavior, she is switched to a remedial class at her school where she meets Clarke, an overweight, closet-case with no friends.  She is partnered on a parenting project with him and together they embark on an adventure to California. Danielle is determined to meet her biological father who lives there and Clark is desperate to escape being sent to military school by his homophobic father. During their  travels together, the two misfits share some wild experiences and find friendship.  Dirty Girl explores some hard life lessons learned through wit and humor.

The cast includes a great performance by Milla Jovovich as Danielle’s mother and William Macy as her quirky boyfriend.

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