June 2018

DIY: How to Get the Hottest Braided Hairstyles Spotted on Celebs and their Kids

Pigtail braids: A celebrity-kid favorite. Whether it’s French braid pigtails a la Violet, or your standard pigtails like Harlow Richie, it’s an adorable, easy to achieve look.

What you’ll need:
-Wide-tooth comb
-Fine-tooth comb
-Ponytail holders

Step 1: Starting with dry hair, comb or brush the hair to smooth and detangle it. Part the hair down the middle of the head and secure one of the sections off to the side so it will be out of your way while you braid the other section.
Step 2: Using a fine-tooth comb, divide the hair into three equal sections.
Step 3: Hold the right section in your right hand and the other two sections separately in your left. Cross the right section over the middle section and hold with your left hand. The original right section is now the middle section. Pull the sections away from each other to tighten the braid.
Step 4: Now cross the left section over the middle section. The original left-hand section is now the middle section. Tighten again.
Step 5: Continue alternating right and left sections over the middle until you reach the end. Secure with a ponytail holder and repeat on the other side!

Excerpted from Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls Hair
Before becoming a licensed barber or having kids of her own, Cozy Friedman was struck by a revolutionary idea: create a salon where kids are a priority, not a nuisance. Inspired by a friend’s tale of her little nephew’s tearful visit to an intimidating—and unwelcoming—grownup salon, Cozy investigated the market and discovered that parents were clamoring for a salon dedicated to junior cuts. After earning her barber’s license, Cozy opened the doors to her first salon on Madison Avenue in New York City. Staffed with stylists attuned to the unique needs of children and stocked with the latest, greatest toys, Cozy’s Cuts for Kidswas an instant success. Instead of dreading their next trim, kids actually looked forward to haircuts like a visit to Serendipity or FAO Schwartz.  Parents were thrilled to put their children’s precious hair in the hands of experts equally trained in handling kids and their hair.Over 15 years, three salons – Madison Avenue, Upper Westside and East 74th St, and two kids later, Cozy continues to provide stress-free cuts for New York kids. In response to client demand, Cozy has also created So Cozy Hair Care For Children, the first-ever “designer” line of hair care products created exclusively for kids. With Paraben-free formulas specifically designed to gently and naturally treat children’s hair without sodium laurel or laureth sulfate. Available nationwide, the unique formulas are made with gentle, nourishing ingredients and yummy scents for a completely kid-friendly bath time experience. While New York celebs like Kelly Ripa and Matt Lauer have always counted on Cozy’s cuts for their little ones, now parents everywhere can tame their kids’ hair with So Cozy products.In February 2011 Cozy launched her much-anticipated debut book – Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girl’s Hair – putting two decades of Cozy’s expertise at the fingertips of eager parents. Unlike hair books of the past, Cozy speaks to every hair type and texture offering all of her best kept secrets. With a handy index, illustrated how-to instructions, and gorgeous photos, Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girl’s Hair makes learning fun and easy. The book is available Barnes & Noble and through all online book-seller sites.Cozy has been featured on The Today Show, The View, and The CBS Early Show, and her expertise has been quoted in American Baby, The New York Times, MORE Magazine, Parents Magazine, and USA Today, just to name a few.
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