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June 2021

Eat Cookies–Lose Weight

The Loch Ness monster? Doesn’t exist. Shangri-la? Never been there. A diet where you eat cookies, skip exercise and lose weight fast? Found it. Don’t you just love us?!

The Smart for Life diet promises you lose 12–15 pounds per month. When Dad lost 36 pounds in 13 weeks, and Don dropped 13 in two weeks, we wanted a piece of the action.

Here’s the deal: On the Smart for Life diet, you eat one package of six Smart for Life cookies each day and then a dinner of 6–12 ounces of lean protein (vegetarians can have tofu, egg whites and fat-free cheese) plus vegetables. The cookies come in six flavors. We love the chocolate chip and the oatmeal raisin with its satisfying Rice Krispie-like crunch. And, they are 60% organic and have no preservatives. They’re actually more like muffin tops than cookies, but they keep us full and satisfy our sweet tooth.

Smart for Life diet, whose products are available through their website or at 40 locations nationwide, also sell muffins, puddings, shakes and soups, but we haven’t tried them yet. What we have tried is the list of Lean Cuisine meals posted on their site that you are allowed for dinner, in case you are too busy—or too lazy—to cook.

It’s been a week, and the pounds are melting away. Guess you could say we found Shangri-la after all!

Special: Order four weeks online, get the fifth week free. AskMelissa subscribers will also get $40 off plus free shipping. Through Labor Day.

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