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April 2021

Exchange Bar & Grill: From Wall Street to Gramercy


With the economy in its current state and young 20-somethings not wanting to give up their weekends out on the town, the Exchange Bar & Grill, which opened in the Gramercy area this past April, offers an alternative to the expensive nightlife scene in New York. The bar serves up affordable drinks and a fun night out. The gimmick? Bar as stock exchange—prices for all drinks and food fluctuate depending on what’s popular at the moment. We sense a global trend. Footsie in Paris and Bar La Bolsa in Barcelona operate on the same stock-exchange principle with a ticker tape listing drink prices scrolling across the bar. You won’t regret investing in a night here.—Ariel Gononsky

Exchange Bar & Grill
256 3rd Avenue (between 20th St & 21st St)
New York, NY 10010

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One Response to “Exchange Bar & Grill: From Wall Street to Gramercy”
  1. Sherrel SanHonorio says:

    Excellent writing!