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August 2022

Exhale Spa’s Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD, $12.49


Exhale Spa’s Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD

This style-conscious bag reinvents what it means to be fashionably responsible. Made from faux leather and recycled plastic bottles—no animal by-products—nothing says “on trend” like being eco-friendly.


New York City’s famous Exhale Spa has brought the Core Fusion total body fitness program to your living room. The Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD is co-taught by Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito, the founders of Exhale Spa.
This routine helps to build a stronger core, improve posture, and create a tighter, firmer physique. The calm, low-key mind body exercises on Exhale Spa’s Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD are broken into five 10-minute segments targeting the entire body. Each exercise sculpts and tones your muscles using your own body weight and small hand weights (3-5lbs.).


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