August 2022

Fall Tips to Get Fit and Stay In Shape from AS ONE Fitness Trainers

Fall is a great time of year with regard to health and fitness.  Hopefully, you have come off of a great summer where the beautiful weather is all the motivation you needed to get into better shape.  Now fall will afford you two new reasons to continue on your pursuit for health and

1)   The weather and unique natural beauty of fall make it especially
 conducive to maintaining all the conditioning gathered from the summer.

2)   You’ll want to maintain a head of steam as you head indoors for the 
coming winter where the short and cold days have sunk many a fitness plan.

To start, keep utilizing the pleasant temperatures and fall foliage changes 
to keep you outside. Go to the local park and by combining the paths and a little creativity you can design a high intensity circuit that will be fun and challenging.

Try this –

Look for a loop that is from 1-2 miles in length.

Set your timer at two minute intervals, there are many apps you can acquire for free that make this really easy. I use HIIT Intervals on my Android.

Start jogging or walking quickly until the timer goes off. Now for the next two minutes do one of the exercises listed below like walking lunges, once the timer goes off again continue on your path until the next timer sounds at which time you choose another exercise for two minutes, and so on and so on. With just a mile loop you will have created a workout that is challenging, works many different energy systems and lasts from 30-40 minutes in length.

Ten suggested exercises:
1. squats
2. walking lunges
3. pushups
4. situps
5. bear crawls
6. mountain climbers
7. Burpees
8. hill sprints
9. pullups on a tree
10. squat jumps

Try to do the above exercises for the total duration – two minutes will challenge even the most fit. Do one loop or three for an amazing training experience.

Also, to challenge you further pick a weight vest (I like V-Force Vests) to wear while doing the above and take your conditioning to a whole new level.

This is the time to delve into new programs that keep the intensity high and infuse energy into your day and life like AS ONE!

Check out the AS ONE Fitness Program and more tips here.

George Vafiades has been a Head Coach at TriLife in NYC since 2005, and holds a BS in Anatomy/Physiology from University of Buffalo. George’s professional certifications include USA Triathlon (USAT) Level One, and USA Cycling, Level Three. He also has competed in multiple Ironman and Triathlon competitions. 

“One of the rewarding aspects for me as a coach is seeing individuals achieve as a group.” ~ George

Mark Merchant is currently the Director of Training at ALTA Physical Therapy in Manhattan. Mark’s multiple professional designations include: 1) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (as designated by the National Strength and Conditioning Association) and 2) Performance Enhancement Specialist (as designated by the National Academy of Sports Medicine).

“Effective coaching requires the coach to retain a certain degree of supportive tension. AS ONE coaching instills and builds a sense of accountability for those coached.” ~ Mark

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