September 2021

Fitness Guru Tanya Becker: Get On-Demand Access to Physique 57

MM: The Physique 57 workout has a huge following (including three generations of women in my family). What celebs also enjoy the workout?

On a celebrity note, despite the fact that they are on TV and in movies, these clients are just like anyone else!  They need to work hard to get their gorgeous figures.  Kelly Ripa, Parker Posey, and Zoe Deschanel have all been in classes of mine. I admire all of these strong women and their commitment to being strong, healthy, and fit.

MM: You always look great whether on the Today Show or in the studio. What are your favorite beauty and skin care products?

TB: Thank you!  A few of my favorites are:

MM: What’s the best advice you can offer to those who have tried unsuccessful programs in the past but are eager to lose weight and get into shape?

TB: I’ve met many women over the years who have tried everything. Physique 57 has been the only thing that’s worked for them.  It’s important to remember that staying fit and healthy is a journey, not a destination.  One pulse at a time!

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