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July 2021

Flex Mussels

I’m looking for a new restaurant for my upcoming night out with friends. Can you suggest a fun dining spot?

Flex-Mussels In a city that has thousands of restaurants, I always end up at the same three spots. The good news? Flex Mussels, located on the Upper East Side, is now officially part of my repertoire.

I stumbled upon Flex last week, took a peek at the menu, marched myself in, made a reservation and immediately called my sitter. The place is sleek, modern and larger than expected but intimate enough that you can actually enjoy conversation.

After ordering Belgian and Canadian beers, my husband and I looked over the 23 different types of mussels and decided to order the Mexican and the San Danielle. We soaked up every last ounce of sauce (I even caught him slurping it with a spoon). My husband also ordered a plate of Watch Hill Oysters (armed with four types of sauce) and swears they were the best he’s ever had.

When it came to the entrees, there were so many options (including chicken, beef and salads for those non-fish fans), I ended up devouring a meaty lobster roll and home cut fries! I finished off the night with Red Velvet Cake. Sadly, they were out of the Warm Wild Blueberry Filled Donuts but that just gives me an excuse to go back.

For more information:

Flex Mussels
174 East 82nd Street (Third and Lexington Aves.)
(212) 717-7772

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