October 2018

Get The Look: ‘Mad Men’ Retro Style

Mezzmer Bella Frames, $99
Every episode is chock full of fancy eyewear which happens to be totally on trend for the present day as well. Mezzmer’s Bella is classic nerd-chic and on their web site you can even virtually try the look before you order them.

Va Bien Bodysuit Style 1570, $90
To create the perfect hourglass shape underneath a retro sheath, shapewear is a must. But no need to strap yourself into an ugly, uncomfortable girdle, Va Bien (whose lingerie has also been spotted on another chic period piece- ‘Pan Am’) makes gorgeous shapewear that is also pretty enough to be seen in!

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One Response to “Get The Look: ‘Mad Men’ Retro Style”
  1. Kelsey says:

    I love this article! I do not watch Mad-Men, but am all about retro glam and vintage style. Thanks for the tips and featuring one of my favorite looks.