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July 2021

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him, for Her, for You Both!

By Samantha Daniels, Guest Editor


Professional Gift Ideas from a Celebrity Matchmaker & Dating Expert
When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, the most important thing to remember—focus on the person for whom you are buying and get him or her something special and personal. On Valentine’s Day, it’s not about the cost, it’s about the sentiment.

Here are my favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your special someone.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

A Custom-Made Shirt for Him
Personalized gifts are so much more meaningful than off-the-shelf, and you can buy your honey a Valentine’s Day gift certificate for a custom-made shirt from Rothman’s, the legendary New York men’s clothier. What does this mean for you? Starting at $95, you can actually chime in and help design the shirt that your sweetheart is wearing!
Get Him into the Game with Poker or Blackjack Lessons
Another unique Valentine’s Day gift idea—a gift certificate for poker or blackjack lessons from the School of Cards. Lessons start at $150. Any guy would love to learn a few tricks to use in the casino, and you can actually go with him and learn a thing or two yourself!

What to Get Her for Valentine’s Day

Make Her Go “Aww” with This Gift: A Framed Picture of You Together
An unexpected and sentimental Valentine’s Day gift? A framed photo of the two of you. Usually, framing photos is a girl’s hobby, so your honey will think you are très romantique if you do it for her. Go for something with glitter, such as a Swarovski crystal frame, $400 and up, from Ferrare with Company. Just make sure you pick a photo that you know she loves.
A Jewelry Gift to Match Her Personality & Taste
Jewelry is always a woman’s best friend, especially on Valentine’s Day. And you want to buy good gifts for good girlfriends, so choose a piece that speaks to your sweetheart’s personality and style. For some ladies, a romantic heart necklace might be the one, such as those from Sisi Amber, for $125–$230. Or if your gal likes a more minimalist look, try some earrings from David Urso Jewelry, starting at $100.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him, Her, or Both of You

Totally Original Gift: A Piece of Artwork
Something unique and original will get a Valentine’s Day smile because it shows that you really care. Try choosing a piece of art like one from Uptown Art Works for a Valentine’s Day gift. For $249 and up, you can buy or even design wall art that highlights your sweetheart’s life according to where he or she has lived over the years. What fun!
Everyone Loves a Gadget Gift
These days, everyone loves tech gadgets, so why not give the latest cool accessory to your iPad-obsessed honey. The one I am loving right now is the Kensington Keyfolio Bluetooth Keyboard and Case, for $99.99.

Creative & Inexpensive Gifts for Him & Her

Get Tickets for an Event
Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to be expensive as long as they are thoughtful. Great Valentine’s Day ideas: take your girl to a chick concert like the cover band Abbamania or buy tickets to take your guy to a car show like the New York International Auto Show.
The Classic Gift: Make a Mixtape
If you have time to be creative, a great gift for anyone on Valentine’s Day is a new music playlist. But when you’re loading a Valentine’s Day playlist onto that memory stick or burning it onto a CD, don’t forget to choose a mix of music your significant other likes, not a mix of your favorite music. And make sure to throw in songs that mean something to you as a couple—this will make the song list extra special!

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