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October 2020

Girls’ Night In

Stop betting like a girl! Take a lesson in poker, and learn a lesson about life.

poker-divas Forget shopping. Forget spinning. Forget book group. The next big thing in girl bonding? Poker. Not that sullen, scotch-and-cigar stuff you see on TV. This is poker our way—chatting, eating, drinking and laughing, followed by plans for a field trip to Vegas!

POKERprimaDIVAS, taught by Ellen Leikind—a former marketer for L’Oréal and Pfizer—offers poker classes for women. Whether it’s the beginner series or a refresher course, you’ll learn strategy, how to read the competition and how to take risks with no-limit Texas hold ’em.

Leikind founded www.pokerdivas.com to help women be more decisive and confident. And her book, Poker Woman: How to Win in Love, Life, and Business using the Principles of Poker, comes out this month.

So, gather your girlfriends and hit the tables. We loved the classes at our friend Adrienne’s. For $900, you can invite up to 8 people for 3 classes, 1½ hours each. You can also take the series at the 92nd Street Y. November’s already sold out, so register fast for February—$85 per person for 3 classes. Lady GaGa’s got nothin’ on you!

For lessons or parties, contact: ellen@pokerdivas.com or 212.750.4342

Price: $19.99

Preorder Poker Woman

Register for POKERprimaDIVAS, 92nd St. Y

For the perfect poker party . . .
To make your poker party diva worthy, here are some of our favorite finds from SoLUXE. You’ll feel lucky with their monogrammed offerings in sophisticated patterns and colors. Buy them for yourself, bring them to your hostess—either way, it’s a sure bet.

Purchase coasters, $35
Purchase tray, $120
Purchase cutting board, $39
Purchase plate, $20
Purchase cards, $55

For more information, contact Amy Feinblatt:afeinblatt@soluxe.com

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