August 2020

Glamour’s Beauty Editor Andrea Pomerantz Lustig on “How to Look Expensive”

PD: How to Look Expensive helps women look their best at a price they can afford. What are three essential tips readers will pick up from your book?


  1. How to give yourself a really good blowdry, a life-changing blowdry. Adir Abergel gave me his secrets.
  2. The glow technique that’ll make your skin look like a million bucks from Talia Shobrook who does the seriously gorgeous makeup each season at Marchesa.
  3. How to mix and match your makeup with high and low end products, the way you’d wear an H & M dress with Jimmy Choo’s.

PD: What are two common fashion or beauty mistakes that women make and how can they be remedied?


  1. Eyeliner mistakes. Not everyone should wear black eyeliner and not everyone can pull off wearing eyeliner all around the eyes. Also, liner inside your eyes can look really tacky when worn during the day. In the book I have a series of questions to ask yourself about your eyes to help determine what the best way to put eyeliner on is. For instance, I only wear it on the top, and when I need a little more definition, I’ll use a softer color on the bottom.
  2. Highlight overdose. I’m talking about when your hair becomes a giant highlight—you get highlights again and again and eventually your hair looks a solid blonde and you can’t even see the highlights. Highlights should be multi-dimensional and you need to have some of your natural hue woven in to make your hair color look rich. Another mistake is wanting highlights to look too obvious. Women mistakenly think if you pay all that money for them, you better see them, when actually highlights that look more natural and less obvious are chicer.

PD: What’s the best your solution for a bad hair day?

AL: Spritz your hair with a dry texturizing spray like the Oribe spray I discussed above. It adds a lot of volume and texture, almost looks like you teased your hair a bit, and then you can pull your hair back into a chic messy ponytail. Or make it shiny with the Garnier product I mentioned and pull it into a tight chignon. Then wear a brighter lipstick or more eye makeup to compensate!

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $39

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