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June 2021

Green Is the New Black

NBC Universal’s breakfast event this Monday may be for industry executives only, but AskMelissa’s Best Kept Secrets aren’t! On a set for Green is Universal—NBC Universal’s environmental initiative—AskMelissa’s Melissa Meyers will present her eco-friendly product picks for mothers and their families. This is not a test!


Stop Junk Mail Kit

Junk mail feels like one of life’s unavoidable annoyances— like in-laws. Until now, that is. We adore the new Stop Junk Mail Kit that we found on sonomalivinggreen.com . The kit provides instructions on how to keep your mailbox junk-mail free for up to five years. Less junk mail means less clutter, less paper waste and less environmental pollution—the kit itself is even printed with soy-based ink on recycled paper. Do this with your kids to teach them to care for the planet. A bonus: the kit maker plants five trees for every kit sold. If only there was one for our bills!

Price: $10

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Baby Monkey Business

Want your own little monkey to be elegant and eco-friendly? Baby Monkey Business is our go-to source for newborn clothing and accessories. We love their luxuriously soft organic and antibacterial bamboo-fiber rompers, sleep sacks, blankets and more. Too bad they don’t carry our size.

Price: $24–$68

Purchase through Amanda Lederman



We’ve always been a fan of Weleda natural beauty products, so we were thrilled to have children of our own to slather in their lotions, creams and soaps. We love the line’s soothing, earthy scent and its Calendula (a/k/a marigold), a plant with healing, soothing and antibacterial properties perfect for baby’s—and mommy’s—sensitive skin.

Price: $6–16

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Thymes Essentials

We pamper baby, but who pampers mommy? For our skin-care needs, we turn to Thymes Essentials to scrub and soften from head to toe. Its scent is a delicious combination of Italian citrus, red currant, petitgrain, grapefruit, jasmine and cyprus with a touch of musk, but it’s light enough to avoid offending the more scent-sensitive among us. Our favorite: the body scrub.

Price: $5–48

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Dante Beatrix Recycle Eco-Packs

Stylish, sturdy . . . and good for the planet? You bet. We love these nylon backpacks made from recycled 16-ounce plastic bottles and biodegradable canvas trim. And they come in two different sizes for little kids or big. The recycle logo really caught our eye, but they also have peace and love. Mother Nature would be proud!

Price: $46 & $56

Purchase little Dante Beatrix Recycle Eco-Packs
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Snack Happened

It’s a little-known fact of motherhood—you give birth, you turn into a walking snack factory. Stop using those plastic snack bags. Instead, load your Cheerios, goldfish and raisins into these adorable snack sacks. Reusable, waterproof and washable, they come in eight fun patterns that we use to code the snacks—dogs for pretzels, camouflage for granola bars. You get the picture.

Price: $9.95

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Sammy & Sue: Go Green Too! by Susanne Corso

Not sure how to get your munchkins to embrace going green? Sammy & Sue to the rescue! The mother-daughter dynamic duo in these eco adventures educates children about protecting the environment while promoting a healthy lifestyle! Filled with fun facts, great illustrations and a clever glossary, these books are bound to become a bedtime favorite.

Price: $12.71

Purchase Sammy & Sue: Go Green Too! by Susanne Corso


Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit

Try finding cleaning products that are eco-friendly, smell good, and oh yeah, actually clean. We did it! We’re loving this kit filled with 30 green products with either a fresh, clear scent or fragrance-free that turn your home into a super clean haven. From organic cleaning wipes to dryer sheets to dishwashing liquid, this kit is complete. The only thing missing is the elbow grease!

Price: $149.60 (members), $176.00 (retail)

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Blue Q Bags

We know. Plastic bags are evil. But the canvas ones from our local grocer fail to satisfy our style cravings. Blue Q to the rescue. Like a strutting peacock, these bags—made from recycled grain sacks and plastic water bottles—display striking color combinations with sassy graphics and sayings. Plus they’re sturdy, light as air and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You won’t be able to buy just one.

Price: $9.99–$17.99

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O.N.E. (One Natural Experience) Water

Isn’t all water eco-friendly? Not so fast. It’s all in the packaging. Unlike other bottled water, O.N.E. Water is packaged in Tetra Pak cartons, not plastic, which are produced from trees grown in responsibly managed forests and can be easily recycled. The taste—amazing! This may be the most clear and crisp water we have ever tried. And just when you think this can’t get any better, 100% of O.N.E. Water’s proceeds are donated to charities around the world. That’s great taste!

Price: $25.04 for a pack of 18

Find O.N.E. Water nearest you

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