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October 2020

I Love Paper!


I may be the editor-in-chief of an online publication—websites, email newsletters, blogs, and videos. I may be the reluctant operator of a Blackberry Curve—3 email accounts, a calendar synced to the office, a handy weather app (thank you, Howard!), and a partridge in a pear tree. I’ve even been dragged—kicking and screaming, mind you—into the alternate universe of social media—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Honestly, it’s enough to make you antisocial. What I can’t seem to wean myself away from is the simple pleasure of the written to-do list. I’ve tried going digital: my Blackberry has a lists icon. My Outlook account has a tasks tab. But nothing beats a small notebook for listing tasks—and the satisfaction of taking a pen and checking them off. I’m currently filling up this 4-notebook box set with cover designs by Angela Adams. Love the colors, love the groovy patterns, love the paper!—Nancy Rotenier

Buy Angela Adams Mini Journal Set, $11.66, at Amazon

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