January 2022

Interview Attire & Beauty Tips From Nicole Williams

Proper accessories are a must for any interview. “The most important accessory you should have is a great bag. It doesn’t need to be designer but it does need to be tasteful and neat,” Williams says. Look for a structured, practical tote like the Leighton Leather Tote, ($150, available in three colors). “Stay away from bold prints. I also recommend wearing a nice gold or silver watch. Wearing a watch represents your punctuality,” she says.

Must Haves:
When it comes to interview attire, how do you know what to splurge on? “If you don’t have a power outfit – go get one and splurge. It’s worth spending the extra money on something that looks great, and you’ll get tons of use out of it. Investing in a dry cleaner and tailor are other smart moves. “It doesn’t hurt to tailor your work wardrobe to fit even better. Spending $10 at the dry cleaners can dramatically change your outfit,” Williams says.

A little black dress can also be a major DO when it comes to interview attire. “I  think that every woman needs a little black dress for the office. (But this is NOT to be confused with the  little number you rock on the weekends!) A form-fitting, knee-length, pencil-skirt silhouette can work wonders for your work wardrobe,” Williams says.

Dressing Age-Appropriate:
Looking age-appropriate is all about not showing too much skin. “In a job interview setting I’d avoid showing too much skin – whether you’re 22 or 42,” Williams says. “Keep your skirts at least an inch above the knee and cleavage to a minimum. Wearing a statement necklace or watch can help show the interviewer that just because you’re a bit older doesn’t mean that you still don’t have creative flair.”

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