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June 2021

Lonely Planet: More Than Just a Beach Read

Although you may look like a tourist holding this guidebook, the Lonely Planet series is your ticket to the best hotspots and hidden gems for cities, countries and regions around the world.  Lonely Planet was my bible when traveling in Europe and Barcelona, because for just a few bucks I felt like I had an insider’s guide to an authentic trip or just the perfect vacation. Each guide comes with comprehensive maps, history of the places, and suggestions for accommodations, transportation, and restaurants.  For the spend-conscious traveler, the Lonely Planet “…on a Shoestring travel guide” series, covers locations around the globe, but with advice on where to eat cheap, sleep soundly, and uncover your destination comfortably, without breaking the bank.  The Lonely Planet guidebook (paired with lonelyplanet.com) can make you feel like a local even if you only plan on staying for a few days. – Courtney Bannerot

Buy Lonely Planet: Discover Europe, $23.93, at barnesandnoble.com

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