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June 2021

Love for TheDailyLove.com

Over drinks one night, a friend of mine told me about TheDailyLove.com, a website that emails you inspirational themes and quotes for the day. She explained that it managed to put her into a good mood every morning as she got ready for work. So I decided to try it and signed up that night. After a couple weeks, I found that the TheDailyLove emails were an upbeat reminder that life is good. Now, TheDailyLove is part of my morning routine and helps me to have a positive outlook on my day or particular situation I may be going through. That’s why I am telling you, so you too can have your morning routine changed and hopefully add some optimism to your day.—Caitlin O’Malley

Sign up at TheDailyLove.com or follow them on Twitter @TheDailyLove

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