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March 2023

Makeup Bags & Cosmetic Organizers

By Daniela Apeloig & Lindsay Leff


Love makeup but leave it lying all over? We know all about it. We buy every new shade of eyeshadow from our favorite makeup counters, scour the drugstore for the miraculous new mascara. From the bottom of your handbag to the shelves inside your medicine cabinet to nightstands, under sinks, and more, your makeup runneth over!

The first step in conquering your beauty build-up is the makeup bag makeover. Keep your must-haves, organize your can’t-throw-aways, and store your extras. To keep your makeup in check, keep them in the best makeup bags and organizers. There is a cosmetic bag or case for your every need. From the perfect purse case to a display case, we’ve got your makeup storage bases covered.

For the World Traveler: A Clear Cosmetic Bag for Easy Flying
You can ditch the Ziploc bag when flying—surprise the TSA agent with this Lug Clearview Train Case, $26. This water-repellent case comes in different colors, including purple, orange, pink, green, navy blue, teal, and more. The clear cosmetic bag includes a removable zippered envelope for smaller makeup products.

For the Up for Anything: Cute Multipurpose Makeup Bags Set
This Nick & Nora East West Set, $26, is fun and practical. It comes in cute and colorful patterns like birdcages, lipsticks, owls, flowers, leopard, and fruit. The set contains 2 top-zippered bags—1 large and 1 medium bag with a separate mirror. The makeup bags are made of printed cotton poly, which is protected by clear PVC. They’re easy to clean in case something spills. Use promo code # TL2011SP and you’ll get a 20% discount at tommyandlulu.com

Makeup Storage for the Girl on the Go
Perfect for the style child on the go, this Felix Rey Emma Cosmetic Pouch, $49.99, carries your everyday makeup essentials in style. Made out of PVC with hot pink nylon lining and a side patch pocket, this cosmetics bag with its large sateen bow and pyramid studding can also double as your evening clutch.

A Practical Makeup Bag for the Space-Saver in You
Want more practical, less fashion statement? If you like multipurpose makeup to save space and time, then the Trina Raquel Mini Square Organizer, $24, is the perfect bag for you. The compact makeup bag has a zipper closure and luxurious lining.

For Ms. Fix-It Cosmetic Organizers with Room for Makeup Tools
This multi-tasking Gidget Compact Brush Case by Stephanie Johnson, $52, is perfect for keeping your beauty tools and gadgets in tip-top shape. With 4 brush pockets, a detachable zipper pouch, and a clear zip pocket, not only will this case protect your brushes from dirt and regular wear-and-tear, but you can also store your must-haves beauty products for easy access. Not to mention it comes in an array of bright colors and fun patterns. Our favorite is Bollywood Pink.

For the Minimalist: Simple Fabric Cosmetic Bags
This Apple & Bee Pencil Case, $29.95 (pencil size), will hold your makeup essentials wherever you go. Made from organic printed cotton with a lush hemp lining and a zipper closure, this compact case is strictly “essentials only”!

Makeup Storage for the Must-Take-It-With-Her
Stylish and practical? Fashion scout’s honor! The Mini Kittour Daily Mini Organizer, $50, is perfect for travel. With a brown exterior and a purple, waterproof lining, this travel case holds 2 TSA-approved mini bottles, 2 small jars, a 3-piece brush set with an attached mirror for quick touch-ups. With this mini organizer, you won’t want to wait for that next vacation.

For the At-Home Makeup Artist: Lacey Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer
You’ll feel like a makeup artist once you organize your makeup in this Caboodles Black Lace Cosmetic Case, $20.79. Use individual compartments to sort lip liners, lipsticks, eye liners, and mascara, while larger compartments can hold compacts, foundation, eyeshadows, brushes, and even perfume and nail polish. The lace on the outside of the case gives a feminine and chic look.

A Dozen Places to Hold Makeup for Little Ms. Tidy
This Clear Cosmetic Organizer from Target, $29.99, is perfect for your bathroom cabinet. You can leave your brushes, sponges, and daily makeup essentials among its 12 compartments, including some for cotton balls and Q-tips. Save time getting ready every morning with your beauty products all in a row.

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