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April 2021

Melissa’s Top Healthy Eating Tips

  • Eat GG Bran Crackers for breakfast, as well as throughout the day. To eat your eight a day, it really helps having two in the morning!
  • Spread Laughing Cow Low-Fat Cheese or Better’n Peanut Butter over the crackers to improve the taste!
  • Eat Curb Bites Chocolate Covered Caramels (sugar-free) after lunch and dinner to curb your sweet tooth and increase your calcium intake.
  • Replace all cheeses, milks, and oils with low-fat, healthier alternatives.
  • Remember the three-bite rule when ordering dessert.
  • Live by these words: Meat and protein at every meal make losing weight no big deal!

See Tanya’s Top 10 List for a Healthier YOU for more suggestions on how to eat and live a healthier lifestyle!

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