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October 2021

Shopping the Kid’s Department: A Big Perk to Being Little

Dear Marc Jacobs:

Can I ask you a favor? Would you please design a children’s clothing line for Gap Kids? Pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry? Stella did. Tag, you’re it!

Here’s the thing—it’s not always easy being short. You’re always asking for help to reach things. Your pants always need to be hemmed. And someone’s head is always in the way at movies. But this summer, I discovered Stella McCartney for Gap Kids, one humongous perk to being 5’3”. (Fine, almost. I rounded up, ok?) I had gone to get my daughter a bathing suit. Mission accomplished, but that’s not the fun part. That honor belongs to Stella. Not only were her sheer peasant-style blouses for kids sexy and feminine, they were practically free compared to grown-up clothes, much less designer clothes. Better yet, by the time I discovered them, they were on sale! So, I scooped up several pieces in kids XL, and my adult XS wardrobe is very pleased.

But now, fall fashion is upon us, and those little cuties need a dash of leopard and a splash of sequins to call their own—and so do their little mommies!

Best wishes,
Nancy Rotenier

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