June 2023

Peter Davis on Style, New York and his new SCENE

Peter’s evening slippers and shades
MM: How would you describe your personal style?
PD: I have dressed the same since I was a teenager. Pictures of me in boarding school look the same as how I wear clothes today – a mix of my preppy roots (Stubbs and Belgian slippers, LL Bean, Brooks Brothers) spliced with my skateboarding punk rebel side (Supreme is the only “label” I will show on the outside of my clothes) and favorite fashion designers that I have been loyal to since I discovered them: the three big ones being Michael Bastian, Burkman Brothers and Martin Margiela.

MM: Favorite designers and best recent fashion purchase?
PD: I covet my Cast of Vices “Vicodin” ring – it’s like a twisted signet ring and always gets attention. I also am possessed with my camouflage brogues by Del Toro who are making some of the coolest shoes around. And one last thing – my Mark McNairy New Amsterdam leopard bag. I have way too many work bags, shoes and sunglasses. And a lot of leopard (and gadgets – I am like a 10 year old boy when it comes to toys like iPads etc).

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