April 2018

Peter Davis on Style, New York and his new SCENE

MM: Who are some of your style icons?
PD: Fred Hughes, who was Andy Warhol’s business partner (he dressed with perfection), Mark Ronson and Pete Doherty.

MM: What are your go-to skin care products?
PD: I honestly don’t use any products besides Right Guard deodorant and shaving cream. If I buy any kind of skin care product, it just collects dust. I only use moisturizer when I have such dry skin that it is flaking off. I should change, but I know I never will.

MM: What do you never leave home without?
PD: My iPhone.

MM: What is your best advice for someone who wants to enter the new social set?
PD: Be nice to everyone. I always say, life is so much more fun and much easier when you are friendly to everyone. Smiling goes a long way.

Peter Davis was born and raised in Manhattan. After majoring in painting at Bennington College, he worked at The Andy Warhol Foundation of the Visual Arts. And after interning at Paper during high school and graduating from Bennington, he began a monthly column for Paper chronicling nightlife and fashion and the latest it kids as well as interviewing numerous celebrities from Gwen Stefani to Kelly Slater to Zooey Deschanel. Kim Hastreiter, Paper’s founder and Editor, really discovered Davis and since being nurtured by Hastreiter, Davis has been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Vogue, The New York Observer, The Daily Beast and numerous other magazines and newspapers. He was the Features Director of The Daily Front Row and Editor at Large at Paper and VS Senior Editor. After nine months of being the Editor in Chief of Avenue, he left the magazine with publisher Julie Dannenberg and Creative Director Cricket Burns to start SCENE, a monthly New York based magazine owned by Jared Kushner, who also owns The New York Observer. In addition to being the EIC of SCENE, Davis is working on a non-fiction book (when not making frequent trips to his favorite stores: Supreme, Opening Ceremony and Dylan’s Candy Bar). He loves to travel but as a native New Yorker can never imagine living anywhere but Manhattan. (Photograph by Thomas Whiteside.)
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