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November 2020

Physique 57



Physique 57 was the brain child of Jennifer Maanavi following the closing of the revolutionary Lotte Berke Method. She partnered with one of the most sought after Lotte instructors and enhanced the method by adding a cardiovascular element more strength/stamina training and a wider variety of exercises. As one of the best work outs in New York City, Physique 57 changes your body in a few weeks. The high-energy workout includes a vigorous series of isometric and weight-bearing exercises as well as orthopedic stretches that strengthen and tone the entire body. There is a variety of classes to choose from (privates, beginner, intermediate, pre-natal and more). Results include long, lean sculpted muscles. The best perk of all is the reduction in your pant size!

For more information:

Physique 57 – New York City
24 West 57th Street, Suite 805

Physique 57 – Bridgehampton
264 Butter Lane Barn


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