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September 2022

Recipes from the Pros

I had the most amazing meal at one of NYC’s great restaurants. Where can I find great recipes up to par with dishes served at NYC restaurants? Check out Cookstr.com.


If you have ever gone to a restaurant and wished you had the recipe of the dish you just devoured, look no further, Cookstr.com has arrived unveiling that secret recipe.

The Cookstr.com website, founded by Will Schwalbe in 2008, is home to thousands of recipes from over 250 notable chefs and cookbook authors. Every recipe has been taste-tested and is guaranteed to please. Cookstr.com is equivalent to the Facebook of cooking websites. All cookbook authors have their own bio page with links to recipes and books. The chef pages include a biography, information about their restaurants, and links to find restaurant locations.

Katie Workman, Editor-in-Chief and Chief Marketing Officer joined Cookstr.com because of her appreciation for authors who have spent years creating amazing recipes. The recipes come from reputable authors and chefs. Users of Cookstr.com have the opportunity to recommend and/or request their favorite authors’ recipes to be published on the website.

The search-engine on the actual site makes it easy to search for recipes in a variety of ways. You can search by main ingredients, cuisine, occasion, method, chef, gluten-free, peanut-free, 30 minutes or less, kid-friendly, or requires one-pot-to-cook. Once you find a recipe that makes your mouth water, you can save it as a favorite using the “MyCookstr” application. If you’re at a loss about what to cook for dinner, let Cookstr.com make the decision and click the “Surprise Me” button.

For more information: www.cookstr.com

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