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May 2021

Sephora Collection Bronzer Powder SPF 15: Keep Glowin’ On

As much as I love fall fashion, the change in seasons always means a few other inevitable changes that make me miss summer—the days start getting shorter, the wind becomes chilly, and my skin begins its descent into its ghostly winter pallor. Luckily, I discovered Sephora Collection Bronzer, my new secret weapon to give me a summer-worthy glow year round. Natural looking with a matte finish—no sparkle here—it gives a believable wash of color that will perk up pale skin. It even has a bonus feature: SPF 15. So, while I’m still helpless to change the length of the day to come and the temperatures to brave, at least I can look great toughing it out!—Colleen Hagerty

Buy Sephora Bronzer Powder SPF 15, $16, at sephora.com

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