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June 2021

Set to Jet

Celebs step off planes ready for their close-up. I look, well, not so ready. Why do I need a vacation from my vacation? We’ve all been there. The trip to Paris that turned into the trip from hell!

Someone walked off with your suitcase. Your shampoo leaked inside your luggage. It rained—all the time! Try these AskMelissa Best Kept Secrets to make sure your vacation feels like one.


El Dorado Royale Getaway, “Romantic Gourmet Inclusive” Package

We don’t wait for Valentine’s Day for a romantic getaway. When we’re in the mood for love, we escape to one of our favorite destinations—Mexico’s El Dorado Royale. No kids allowed, so they can’t kill the mood. We relax on a secluded stretch of the Mexican Riviera on our king-size beach bed, while our beach butler ferries our cocktails and nibbles. Then, it’s off to our beachfront massages before we indulge in a soak in our private Jacuzzi. Now, that’s love, Mexican style!

Price: $2,000 (two people for four nights, including food, premium alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages; airfare not included)

For reservations: Call 888.280.7558, or go to www.karismahotels.com

Brookstone Dash Rolling Hardside Carry-On

Black may just be New York’s national color, so we are used to stressing as the conveyor belt comes to life with look-alike luggage. Now, we take to the skies with these superlight, candy-colored cases from Brookstone. They roll, spin and change direction easily, and the hard outer shell protects our precious cargo. We loved our pink one so much, we ordered another in green—to match our eyes!

Price: $79.95

Purchase Brookstone Dash Rolling Hardside Carry-On

totes Purse Umbrella

We were really excited when we spotted these cute little umbrellas with matching covers at Target (don’t you just love it there?!). It weighs next to nothing, so we just leave it in our purse—no more getting caught in the rain while sightseeing. And the pretty patterns and colors satisfy our style craving. We couldn’t choose, so we bought a bunch and gave them to our friends.

Price: $14.99

Purchase totes Purse Umbrella


We know, we know—you’re going to keep buying black until they come up with something darker! So, which black bags are yours as they come hurtling down the luggage-claim conveyor belt? Try this AskMelissa Best Kept Secret: LugTagz. Their bright colors, glossy finish and extra-large size make them easy to spot. But we love the vintage images and snarky humor. The gospel according to LugTagz: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with cute shoes.” Amen!

Price: $9 per tag, 3-tag minimum

Purchase LugTagz

Flight 001 GO CLEAN Packbags

We have the best of intentions when we pack—sort, fold, stack, zip. But by the end of vacation, it looks like Hurricane Andrew hit. When we discovered these packing organizers from Flight 001, we knew our days of tossing dirty shoes, wet bikinis and laundry into our luggage was over. Each drawstring pouch is treated to prevent odor and dirt from contaminating the contents of your suitcase, and they come in colorful zip-top bags with cool graphics.

Price: $18–$24

Purchase Flight 001 GO CLEAN Packbags

Special: Receive 20% off all GO CLEAN Packbags when you use the online promo code “askmelissa.”

Octopus Strap

Your morning travel equation: purse + coffee + carry on + umbrella + newspaper + laptop = catastrophe. Our solution? This AskMelissa Best Kept Secret—the Octopus Strap. Like having a second set of hands in happy colors, it holds together portfolios, laptops, newspapers, packages and more. Now our fingers are free to Twitter about AskMelissa’s fabulous Best Kept Secrets!

Price: $20

Purchase Octopus Strap


Barefoot in the Park is one thing, but barefoot in the airport? Eew! You can imagine our relief when we found these disposable yet durable flip flops that you can wear going through airport security. We also love them for the spa, the nail salon, hotels and more. Made of 100% recycled paper, going green never felt so clean.

Price: $19.95 for a package of five pairs

Purchase ekosteps

Special: Receive 15% off when you use the online promo code “askmelissa15.”

Rhapsody ibizaicon

When your great-aunt Ethel has an iPod, it’s time for something hipper. We love the Rhapsody ibiza. The ibiza comes with a 30-day free Rhapsody membership ($14.99 monthly) with unlimited access to millions of songs—everything from Maroon 5 to Mozart—along with videos, photos, podcasts and more. And its built-in wi fi means bye-bye to tangled wires. The Rhapsody ibiza mini with combined Facebook and Twitter access debuts in September. Music to our ears.

Price: $119.99 (8GB) and $149.99 (30GB)

Purchase Rhapsody ibizaicon


Alan Stuart Clear Cosmetic Bags

Stop playing hide and seek with your toiletries and pack them in these clear cosmetic bags. We have them in every size (some more than one!) and love their sturdy, leak-proof construction. The trim comes in black and gold, among others, so we can accessorize to match our shoes. It’s always about the shoes!

Price: $8.25–$18.75

Purchase Alan Stuart Clear Cosmetic Bags

We stuff our Alan Stuart bags with handy travel items—there’s something here for everyone:

Solar Recover Save Your Skin Moisturizer & Sun Recovery

Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid for Face

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo

T3 Bespoke Labs Overnight Professional Travel Hair Dryer

TouchBack by ColorMark

BAND-AID Brand Friction Block Stick

Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream To Go

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

Colgate Wisp

Downy Wrinkle Releaser, Travel Size Light Fresh Scent

Sephora Brand Nail Patch

Wet Ones Singles Antibacterial Hands & Face Wipes

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