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June 2021

SkinAge Test

By Dr. Amy Wechsler

1. Is the skin of your cheeks (and maybe your forehead, too) smooth or sagging?

    a)      Smooth
    b)      Somewhat sagging
    c)      Sagging and forming jowls on my jawline

2.  Do you have bags under your eyes?

    a)      No
    b)      Small ones
    c)      Distinct bags

3. Are your upper eyelids drooping, almost touching your upper lashes?

    a)      No
    b)      Slightly
    c)      Definitely

4. Do you see fine lines on your forehead and/or cheeks?

    a)      No
    b)      Some
    c)      Quite a few

5. Do you see deep wrinkles on your cheeks?

    a)      No
    b)      Yes, some deepening wrinkles
    c)      Yes, several deep wrinkles

6. Do you see “smile lines” leading from the corners of your nostrils to the corners of your mouth?

    a)      No
    b)      Yes, soft lines
    c)      Yes, very clear lines

7. Do you see crow’s feet at the outer corners of your eyes?

    a)      No
    b)      Yes, slight lines
    c)      Yes, marked lines

8. Do you see wrinkles under your eyes?

    a)      No
    b)      Yes, fine wrinkles
    c)      Yes, very marked wrinkles

9. Are there any “frown lines” running horizontally across your forehead and/or vertically between your eyebrows?

    a)      No
    b)      Yes, slight lines
    c)      Yes, very marked lines

10. Do you see fine vertical lines above your upper lip?

    a)      No
    b)      Yes, a few
    c)      Yes, many

11. Do you see fine up-and-down lines on your lips?

    a)      No
    b)      Yes, some
    c)      Yes, many

12. Instead of the coloring on your cheeks or forehead being even, do you have any small red dots or uneven coloring?

    a)      No
    b)      Some dots or uneven coloring
    c)      A lot of dots and uneven coloring

13. Do you have any milia on your forehead or cheeks (milia are small bumps that look like little whiteheads but don’t go away)?

    a)      No
    b)      Yes


Total points _____ + 27 = ______ Your SkinAge!

Is your SkinAge younger, the same, or older than your chronological age? If it’s more, don’t panic. You can take six years or more off your SkinAge and reverse the effects of skin damage from the sun. That, and living the rest of your life with the healthiest, best-looking skin you can have, is my goal.

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