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December 2021

Spring Cleaning: Make Room for New Clothes!

By Stacey Mayeshstacey-mayesh-closet-img

So you’re recovering from the winter blues. . . . Time to clean out your closet! Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to get organized and plan your spring/summer wardrobe! When you have a closet full of crap, it’s difficult to wade through the muck and even see what’s there. A big seasonal purge is not only cathartic, but it enables you to see what you really need. I’m a huge proponent of “less is more.” I’d much rather have fewer, better things (a uniform, if you will), then lots and lots of mediocre stuff. Follow these fool-proof spring cleaning steps to being your own best editor:

1. Purge: Go through your closet piece by piece. If you haven’t worn it in 3 years, say goodbye. Chances are you won’t wear it again. If it’s old and ratty, toss it.

2. Organize: Make it easier to get dressed in the morning with a clean closet. Sort by season, by color, by item (all sweaters together, all jeans together, etc.). You can even sort by frequency of usage, keeping things that are in heavy rotation on a low shelf and things that you don’t wear as frequently higher up.

3. Analyze: Take notes—what are your go-to items; what do you purchase that’s sitting there a year later with the tags on? Look for patterns so you don’t make the same mistakes. Stick to what works for you, but take some calculated risks so it doesn’t get boring.

4. Strategize: List items you need. Perhaps you have 5 great dresses but you don’t have the right shoe. Find your shoe and you’ll have 5 great new dresses. List favorite old and dingy items you tossed and replace them. Style looks on the floor and note when you’re missing the perfect item to complete the look. And take photos of the looks you really love so you don’t forget them!

Now that your closet is clean for spring, you’re ready to shop!

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