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December 2023

Spa Complexion—The Must-Have Beauty Look

By Sue Devitt

Sue Devitt: Meditation Mauritius

Our Best Facial Treatments and Facial Products

We all want flawless skin that looks like we just had a spa facial. Using spa facial products and procedures from the Hamptons to the Himalayas, along with these steps and tips, you can stay home and still achieve the must-have beauty look of the season: the spa complexion.

I always start by creating a spa-like atmosphere of peace and calm before my own facial treatment. With my playlist of spa music from iTunes, I dim the lights and light a few scented candles (Dyptique Baise and Roses are my favorites). Flowers or an orchid enhance the spa experience. Within moments you should feel relaxed.

Now, you’re ready to restore your skin’s natural vitality, hydration, and elasticity. Use facial products that offer a synergistic blend of hydrating minerals, trace elements from anything sea-derived, anti-aging ingredients such as ceramides, Matrixyl, moisture-drawing hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and proteins.

Step 1: Cleanse Using Spa Facial Products
Refresh your skin as you gently remove makeup, impurities, and environmental pollutants. I prefer an anti-aging facial product such as a lotion. Microquatic Purifying Cleanser contains Ceramides 2, which aids in promoting circulation, increasing collagen production, and improving elasticity even after its rinsed or wiped off. Look for facial cleansing products that are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin and that offer treatment benefits. For oily or combination skin, I like Innovative Skin Care’s Cleansing Complex.
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My Beauty Tip: To optimize the detoxifying properties of a cleanser, apply and then place a warm, damp washcloth over your face for 5 minutes. The warmth will open your pores to remove impurities at a more effective level.

Step 2: Apply a Facial Treatment—A Peel
Dissolve lifeless skin cells while restoring pH balance and removing harmful toxins. I prefer fluid skin rejuvenation products containing lactic acid or a malic (marine) acid to a prickly glycolic acid sensation. Removing lifeless skin cells fully preps skin for a deeper level of hydration and restorative properties. Generously apply Microquatic Lactic Renewal Facial Peel to the skin and allow it to penetrate 3–5 minutes for optimal exfoliation. Rinse well.
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My Beauty Tip: For maximum results, use this facial skin treatment every day for one week and then once a week thereafter to restore the skin to its greatest potential.

Step 3: Apply a Masque—Use Facial Products to Oxygenate!
Apply regular facial masques once or twice a week to maintain a beautiful complexion and healthy skin that looks and feels smoother, softer, and ultimately healthier and more hydrated. This facial treatment will also reduce blemishes, remove blackheads, and minimize the appearance of premature lines often caused by dehydration.

There are different types of masques for different skin types. Look for a purifying masque that offers a dual result. I like Microquatic Oxygen Infusion Masque. Through a foaming activation process during the facial treatment, oxygen molecules are released into pores while gently cleansing and removing impurities and environmental pollutants. The infusion of blue algae, hydrolyzed soy protein, and chamomile extracts reduces redness and irritation, helps control sebum production, and soothes skin. If you have problem skin and need a more targeted approach to blemish control, try acne facial treatment Murad Clarifying Mask as it draws out impurities to minimize breakouts.
Buy Microquatic Oxygen Infusion Masque, $40, at suedevittbeauty.com
My Beauty Tip: Allow your masque to permeate skin for 3–5 minutes before rinsing with warm water. The masque will remove impurities and pollutants. Look for one gentle enough to use twice weekly.

Step 4: Anti-Aging Facial Products—Apply a Light Anti-Aging Mist
I love this step—it stems from my days shooting on location with supermodels born from the most incredible gene pool in the world. But even they suffer from dehydration that causes premature fine lines and wrinkles. We used to spray Evian water on their skin as a quick facial treatment to hydrate and give skin a healthy glow, but it was purely water. Then, when I created my own line of cosmetics and facial products, I integrated powerful anti-aging properties and antioxidants from marine ingredients and flower derivatives into a mist. The result is the Microquatic Luminous Finishing Mist that immediately refreshes skin while triggering collagen reproduction and nurturing delicate skin tissue. Spray this anti-aging facial product lightly all over the face for immediate radiance—the light reflecting properties impart a long lasting glow. I also like Jurlique Chamomile Soothing Mist. It’s also great to spray on your pillow before falling asleep.
Buy Microquatic Luminous Finishing Mist, $45, at suedevittbeauty.com
My Beauty Tip: Depress the pump firmly for an even mist on bare skin or after makeup application to set foundation, hydrate the skin, and infuse high performance anti-aging benefits. This facial skin treatment is great as a late afternoon skin pick-me-up.

Step 5: Hydrate Using Facial Treatments
Now, apply a deeply reparative facial product such as a moisturizer. Look for an anti-aging facial product that contains nutrients that minimize fine lines and wrinkles. I like my Microquatic Pro-Juvenation Reparative Facial Cream, which contains the active skin rejuvenation product Algomega NP®, a highly moisturizing algae extract rich in marine-derived omega-6 and 9. A balanced composition in sterols and polyunsaturated fatty acids, it protects against water loss. Matrixyl works deeply to revitalize and repair cellular tissue. Hyasol®-BT boosts hydration, and water lily extract delicately nurtures. It’s important to do your research and choose a high performance moisturizer that’s part of your daily skin care regime. Nothing will keep your skin looking more hydrated and healthy.
Buy Microquatic Pro-Juvenation Reparative Facial Cream, $55, suedevittbeauty.com

Step 6: Facial Treatments that Prime & Protect
Apply an anti-aging facial product that offers your skin powerful protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays through SPF protection. Look for a primer that has facial treatment benefits and combats redness as it stimulates skin’s natural collagen production. To protect your body from harsh UVA/UVB rays, Dr. Michelle Copeland’s SPF-40 Lotion Mist Sun Block, with powerful antioxidants and soothing aloe vera, does what others can’t—blocks both ultraviolet B light (the rays that burn) and the longer wave ultraviolet A-light, which penetrates the skin more deeply.
My Beauty Tip: Warm a small amount of your primer between fingertips to ensure a smooth, even application. Also, in the palm of your hand, mix with a dime-size amount of foundation or non-SPF daytime moisturizer, then pat delicately into the skin for a silky smooth coverage.

Step 7: Apply an Eye Treatment
Select a formula that targets the delicate eye area with intensive nutrition and hydration. Apply in a circular motion to promote circulation while regenerating delicate eye tissue. Look for one that has a calculated delivery system so the product keeps working for you all day. This product should also contain antioxidants that help fight free radicals.
My Beauty Tip: If you choose a gel, also apply it directly to the eyelid to promote circulation around the eye area and to eliminate puffiness.

Step 8: Finish with a Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 or more and/or a Loose Powder with SPF 30
Achieve a healthy, radiant, spa complexion with a lightweight, natural-finish tinted moisturizer. A sheer, fluid formulation with SPF 15 coverage is best for summer to protect skin from harsh environmental exposure and acts as an anti-aging facial product. Then a skin-protecting loose powder provides the perfect summer finish. Look for a formulation that offers extraordinary hydrating and refreshing properties that will increase skin’s moisture level and vitality. Something portable with a mirror is perfect for your beach bag and touch-ups.
My Beauty Tip: Instead of using a sweeping motion to dust powder, apply using a pressing motion to pat powder into the skin. Use a powder brush to reach delicate areas underneath the eye and around the nose for precise application.

The return of your natural, healthy glow will hopefully remind you of the importance of taking time to unwind and nourish your skin and your soul. Our skin is the indicator of how we are doing physically and emotionally, so take the time to pamper and protect yourself through the use of facial treatments.

Have your own secret for flawless skin, tweet @PageDaily or post it on our Facebook wall. Once you’ve got the spa complexion, get Sue’s tips, tricks, and product picks for makeup looks from around the world. Read Beach Beauty: Jet-Setting Beauty Tips from around the Globe.

Sue Devitt, Beauty Contributing Editor

Australian born, international celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt created the brand that would forever change the landscape of the Beauty Industry. Years of product development experience throughout the United States, Australia, and Japan inspired Sue . . . Read more of her product picks and beauty secrets

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