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December 2021

Sugar Rush

It’s mid-afternoon, I need a dessert fix, and cookies from the coffee bar are old news. Give me something new to try.

Do you eat from street vendors? Not likely. But when those sugar cravings take hold, foodies can take heart. We sampled treats from trucks serving gourmet fare at gentle prices. On the move throughout the city, the trucks’ desserts are so good, you will be running to their next location! Here are a few of AskMelissa’s favorites:

The Cupcake Stop

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? Lev Ekster, for one. This newly minted New York Law School grad has decided to satisfy his sweet tooth—and yours—with the newest treats truck in town, the Cupcake Stop. We couldn’t decide which one we loved more, the chocolate peanut-butter swirl or the red velvet. We sampled multiple times and still couldn’t decide! Open since early June, the truck offers regular-size cupcakes at $2.25 or minis for $1. Finding the truck is a piece of cake. Just check the website for its scheduled stops.

For more information: The Cupcake Shop

The Dessert Truck

From his training at the French Culinary Institute to his tenure as the pastry chef at Le Cirque, Jerome Chang might be the last person you would expect behind the wheel of the Dessert Truck. His sweets-mobile was inspired by Taiwan’s street food and offers four-star desserts at friendly prices. From the golden caramelized créme brulée to the luscious warm chocolate cake with olive oil ganache, his desserts are $5-6. More ambitious foodies will be transported by the goat-cheese cake with rosemary caramel or the bread pudding with bacon custard sauce. The Dessert Truck is parked 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. at 55th and Lex.; 6:00 p.m. to midnight, St Mark’s Place, 8th St. and 3rd Ave.

For more information: The Dessert Truck

The Treats Truck

For treats like Grandma used to make, look no further than the Treat Truck. Former actress/director Kim Ima whips up classic desserts that more than live up to their motto, “Not too fancy, always delicious!” We love their peanut butter sandwiches, old fashioned oatmeal cookies and sugar dots—and nothing costs more than $5. Ima, the self-described “baker/owner/driver/eater,” keeps her truck on the go (although we wish it would take up permanent residence outside the AskMelissa office!). So, check the schedule on their website. Can’t wait? The truck also makes express deliveries. Now that’s a sugar rush!

For more information: The Treats Truck

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