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September 2022

Swirl Events

It’s time to Swirl…Private Wine Tastings in the New York Tri-State Area

What’s a great way to “toast” this holiday season?

swirl-events Swirl Events Wine Tastings will add a positively intoxicating element to any party! The company offers private wine tastings either in your home or at your office. Swirl Events promises to give you and your guests a new way to experience wine along with a fun approach to entertaining.

Swirl will plan the entire tasting for you, arriving with cheese, crudités, and truffles that complement the wines. The instructor will offer a brief introduction about each of the wines you’ll be tasting and offer tips on how to fully enjoy them. Swirl will also provide a list of basic wine terminology that will have even the most untrained neophytes sound like sophisticated wine connoisseurs.

Swirl offers a variety of packages, from their “Because I’m Worth It” fine wine selection to their “Savvy in the City assortment” which features great finds under $15. They also offer organic packages for anyone who wants to mix their green lifestyle with their red wine. Additionally, Swirl Events uses fun cards that allow you to compare wine to celebrities (is that Bordeaux a George Clooney or an Ashton Kutcher?).

“Swirl is sure to be this holiday season’s party theme of choice!”

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Anu Karwa

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