October 2023

Layna Silvagni Friedman, Barbie Rocks

layna-friedman-bioSharing Barbie Love with Barbie Jewelry for Big Girls & Little
Her Italian heritage and sophisticated sensibility have made Layna Friedman shine in the international jewelry industry, but it’s her classic American glamour that makes her the perfect ambassador to introduce the jewelry industry to 1 of the nation’s favorite style icons: Barbie. Inspired by a shared love of all things Barbie with her daughter Nicole-Juliet, Layna dreamt of giving girls of all ages a peek inside the ultimate jewelry collection, which reflects a modern-day interpretation of the Barbie doll’s fun spirit and glamorous fashion sense.

From Lady Gaga to Jessica Simpson, Celeb Fans of Her Luxe Jewelry Company—Alan Friedman
After managing several successful entertainment business ventures, including Silvagni Entertainment, a promotions, public relations, and event production company, Layna lent her expertise and eye for innovation to the design, creation, and early 1990s launch of the Beverly Hills-based fine jewelry company, Alan Friedman. Now an award-winning industry leader, Alan Friedman creates 1-of-a-kind pieces for Hollywood’s elite, including Lady Gaga, Regina King, Jessica Simpson, and Sly Stallone, among many others.

Layna Launches Barbie Rocks, Jewelry That Gives Back
While maintaining her position at Alan Friedman, Layna formed Rock and Roll Ltd. in 2007, where she currently serves as CEO and President. In 2008, the company launched Barbie Rocks by Layna and Alan Friedman in partnership with Mattel, and as part of her ongoing commitment to philanthropy, a portion of the proceeds from each sale in the collection will be donated to CAAF (Children Affected by AIDS Foundation).

Layna’s Journey from Kid to Career with Her Own Ken

Growing Up My Look Was
Fresh, athletic, and romantic.

After School I Loved To
Design and create.

I Became Interested in Jewelry When
I was very young. I loved the beautiful stones and rare gems with vivid colors. I loved the feel and colors of the gold and metals.

At School I Studied
Marketing and minored in art. I modeled for several years and produced sporting events internationally before jumping in and designing 1-of-a-kind custom pieces with natural-colored diamonds. People were immediately attracted to the style and designs I was creating.

The First Piece of Jewelry I Got from My Husband Was
A pair of gorgeous drop earrings with rare tanzanites surrounded by fancy-colored diamonds. They still are my favorite earrings.

We Work Well Together
In both business and at home with our children. We complement each other. He is extremely creative in designing and has an amazing eye for grading stones and buying goods. While I love to design, I also bring to the table marketing skills and organization ability for the business. We both love to interact with people on a daily basis. While we love to create new hot trends, we also design classic jewelry with the highest quality and rare stones.

I Always Listen to Him When
He is grading stones or picking pieces for customers, as he has a keen sense of what people like.

I’m Always Encouraging
More feminine and romantic jewelry designs.

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