December 2022

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Take the Perfect Perfume Quiz for Valentine’s Day

By Lindsay Leff

Nothing is sexier than wearing the perfect perfume. But what if you can’t find that signature scent? With so many different perfume brands, fragrances, and eau de toilettes overtaking the beauty counters, it all can become overwhelming. You will be dabbing behind your ears and spritzing your wrists in time for Valentine’s Day romance with the help of our perfume personality quiz.

What’s Your Perfume Personality?
Are you sweet, classic, fresh, bold, or floral? Our perfume personality quiz will match you with your perfect perfume. Is a hot date your ideal Saturday night out? Is Kate Hudson your style icon? Answer these quick questions to nix the not-quite-right fragrances and find your signature scent.

5-Question Perfume Personality Quiz to Reveal Your Signature-Scent Match

And Your Perfume Personality Is . . .

Score 5–7: Your Perfume Personality Is Floral
Floral fragrances speak to you. Notes from any variety of flowers are the focal point of floral scents, representing femininity, romance, and love.
Our Favorite Floral Perfume: Bulgari Jasmin Noir
Vibrant yet warm and sensual, this floral scent has top notes of green sap and gardenia petals, followed by sambac jasmine and satin almond, and ending with tonka bean and licorice. The perfect perfume for bringing out the girly-girl in you.
Buy Bulgari Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum, $98 (1.7 oz.), at

Score 8–12: Your Perfect Perfume Is Fresh
Crisp, light, airy notes evoke beachy vacation escapes, making for the perfect fresh scent.
Our Favorite Fresh Perfume: Michael Kors Island Palm Beach
Inspired by palm trees, white sand, and tropical temperatures, this scent—with pink grapefruit, tangerine, and hints of black tea—will make you feel as if you’ve just arrived at your ultimate island getaway.
Buy Michael Kors Island Palm Beach Eau de Parfum, $62 (1.7 oz.), at

Score 13–17: Your Signature Scent Is Classic
Your perfect perfume is pure, elegant, subtle, and balanced. Classic fragrances, like an LBD, are timeless. Like the wearer herself, they never go out of style.
Our Favorite Classic Perfume: Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo
We keep coming back to Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo. This powdery floral scent has soft notes of wild hawthorne, Bulgarian rose, white musk, and vanilla.
Buy Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Parfum, $73 (1.7 oz.), at

Score 18–22: Your Perfume Personality Is Bold
Think spicy scents with a musk undertone.
Our Favorite Bold Perfume: La Prairie Life Threads Ruby
Channel your inner temptress by spritzing with our favorite bold scent, La Prairie Life Threads Ruby. With notes of orange flower, sandalwood, passion musk, and vanilla bean, this bestselling fragrance can seduce even the shy at heart.
Buy La Prairie Life Threads Ruby, $125 (1.7 oz.), at

Score 23–25: Your Best Perfume Is Sweet
Soft yet aromatic and enveloping, the notes are like the sugary, sweet treats we craved as little girls (and big ones!).
Our Favorite Sweet Perfume: Henri Bendel Wild Fig Eau de Parfum
Made from the sweetness of jasmine petals, coconut milk, and vanilla, as well as fig and bamboo sap, this exotic perfume satisfies your sweet tooth.
Buy Henri Bendel Wild Fig Eau de Parfum, $65 (1.7 oz.), at

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5 Steps for Repairing Your Dry Winter Skin

By Lindsay Leff

Snowstorms keep us homebound. Arctic temperatures make our eyes tear. The weather outside is frightful, and so is our dry skin—painfully dry, with Rudolph-red cheeks, reptile-like hands, and cracking chapped lips. Ouch! To banish the winter skin blues for good, follow our 5 dry winter skin steps for fixing your complexion and hands. And try our skin care product picks for face and hands. Your painful, itchy, red, dry skin problems will melt away as quickly as the next snowfall. Hello, gorgeous!

Step 1—Winter Skin Repair Starts with Face Wash
Perfect skin begins with fresh skin, so always start from the ground up with a clean face. For cleaning winter skin, try a facial cleanser product like Cygalle Healing Spa Licorice Spice Face Wash. Combining licorice root—an enriching natural defense against dry, irritated skin—with coconut oil and vitamins E and C, this face wash will repair damage caused by harsh winter weather.
Buy Cygalle Healing Spa Licorice Spice Face Wash, $65, at

Step 2—Dry Skin Moisturizer: Start with Repair, Then Maintain
Moisturize Your Dry Winter Skin
Your face may be clean, but it’s still flakey, red from those winter winds, and itchy from dryness. To fix the damage, use Curel Sensitive Skin Remedy Lotion. Packed with a replenishing ceramide complex, this moisturizer is a complexion (and wallet!) saver that also strengthens the skin to battle the elements.
Buy Curel Sensitive Skin Remedy Lotion, $6.39, at
Avoid Dry Skin with Daily Moisturizer Maintenance
You’ve got those unpleasant winter skin issues under control, so it’s time to maintain your healthy complexion and seal in moisture with Origins Make a Difference Ultra-Rich Rejuvenating Cream. This moisturizer replenishes skin with unique ingredients like Rose of Jericho (a “resurrection” plant that can survive decades of drought) and padina pavonica (a brown algae rich in vitamin C and anti-dehydration properties). Use this cream twice a day for soft skin, and as a bonus, watch your fine lines disappear.
Buy Origins Make A Difference Ultra-Rich Rejuvenating Cream, $36, at

Step 3—Get Rid of Winter Redness with a Skin-Calming Cream
The flushed, rosy-cheek look, from makeup, love, or a warm-weather escape, is flirty fun. But winter weather that makes you look like Rudolph’s lost relative is not what you’re going for. Reduce winter redness with SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex, a fast-acting anti-inflammatory and anti-redness cream. With the help of vitamin B3 to increase collagen production, as well as jojoba oil and squalane to boost the skin’s moisture content, you’ll never look like a windburn victim again.
Buy SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex, $80, at ___________  __ (available January 24 in physician offices)

Step 4—Kiss Dry, Chapped Lips Goodbye: Heal, then Maintain
Repairing Dry, Cracked Lips
Do chapped, irritated lips keep you from kissing? Kiss this winter skin problem goodbye with Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Polish. This is perfect-looking pout in a pot. A brown-sugar conditioning exfoliant loaded with nourishing ingredients such as meadowfoam seed, shea butter, and vitamin E, this lip treatment locks in moisture for softer, smoother lips.
Buy Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Polish, $22.50, at
Maintain Soft, Kissable Lips All Winter-Long!
Follow up the exfoliant with Avène’s Cold Cream Lip Cream. This lip balm is rich in lipids and sucralfate, ingredients that nourish skin. Throw this lip-rescuer in your purse and apply often, even under your favorite lipstick.
Buy Avène Cold Cream Lip Cream, $14.50, at (available in February)

Step 5—Smooth Dry Hands: Exfoliate and Moisturize for Softer Skin
Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells on Your Hands
Harsh winter weather hits us in the face—literally—causing redness, irritation, even pain. But it’s our body’s thinnest and most sensitive skin —on our hands—that suffers first from brutal wind, frost, and low temperatures. No one wants to shake crocodile-skin hands or look at chapped knuckles! Treat your dry, reptile-like claws with ZO Skin Health Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal. The sugar crystals, salicylic acid, and retinol in this at-home microdermabrasion treatment are just the fix for ultra-dry, winter hands. A bonus: it reduces fine lines and dark spots.
Buy ZO Skin Health Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal, $50, at
Restore Moisture to Skin
The skin-saver we love? St. Ives Intensive Healing Hand Cream. Formulated with mango butter, olive-leaf extract, and cranberry seed and grape seed oils, this little tube of heaven is targeted to relieve the driest and itchiest of hands.
Buy St. Ives Intensive Healing Hand Cream, $3.19, at

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New Year, New You

By Daniela Apeloig

We counted down, the ball dropped, the Champagne corks popped. Did 2011 feel like every other New Year? Then that means you’re saying to yourself: I want to exercise more. I want to start eating healthy. I want to lose weight. I want to sleep better. Any of these New Year’s resolutions sound familiar?

New Year’s resolutions are often about our bodies—get fit, get thin, get sleep. They are the most common and the easiest to break, so we’ve got some great fitness products and gadgets that will help you stick to your resolutions. Exercise AND have fun like a kid with the Xbox Kinect game, get a pair of toning shoes that actually look like sneakers instead of Neil Armstrong’s moonwalkers, even put your money where your mouth is—literally!—with an online “contract.” Happy New Year, and good luck!

Buy New Balance True Balance WW850 Toning Shoe, $89, at
• Features a unique “balance board” technology
• Makes your body work to maintain its natural balance, activating your muscles
• Colorful, sporty style and hidden toning features
• Synthetic suede with mesh upper
• Removable Abzorb insole for extra comfort
• Weight: 9 oz.

Buy Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, $34.99, at
• Exercise on your Xbox with fitness-forward games and regimens that you control with your body’s own movements
• Uses Player Projection technology that puts your body into the game, giving you the most precise tracking possible
• Work out with a personal trainer, take a class, or play fun, family-friendly mini-games
• Challenge yourself with regimens from fitness experts, including celebrity trainer and PageDaily contributing editor Michael George
• Track your stats and progress as you burn calories and best your own scores, then share your progress and goals with friends and family online

Buy Griffin Slap for iPod nano (6th Generation), $24.95, at
• Watch-style wristband holds your iPod nano 6th Generation
• Self-adjusts to a precise, comfortable fit
• Frame safeguards buttons but still allows control
• The watch-face display on the iPod nano turns the wristband into a fun, handy watch
• Made of silicone
• Weight: 1.28 oz.

Buy Fitbit, $99, at
• Accurately tracks your calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, and sleep quality
• Can be carried in your pocket or worn on your clothing
• Contains a 3D motion-sensor like the one found in the Nintendo Wii,  which captures your movement and converts it into useful information about your daily activities
• Fitbit software and data is wirelessly uploaded online where you can track progress, log nutrition, and compete with friends

Buy F-Factor Bars, $4.99 (box of 5), and Cereals, $3.89 per box, at Kroger’s nationwide, and online starting February 1st at
• F-Factor Bars contain 12g of fiber—50% of your daily needs
• Bars come in 3 flavors: Fudge Brownie, Banana Walnut, and Cinnamon Apple
• Cereals have 15g–18g of fiber per serving (up to 72% of your daily needs in ½ cup)
• Cereals come in 3 flavors: Skinnys, Skinnys ’n Fruit with Apples and Strawberries, and Mini Cinnamon O’s with Raisins and Almonds
• Great for breakfast with milk, or tossed into yogurt for an afternoon snack
• Bars and cereals are all natural, kosher, and have the highest fiber content on the market

• To help you stick to your goals and resolutions, register them on this website for free
• You create a Commitment Contract, a public agreement to achieve your goal
• Select or customize your goal, set the stakes (such as money or your reputation), enlist someone you know as a referee, and ask friends to register as well and monitor your progress for support
• People who put stakes on achieving their goals are more likely to achieve them

Buy Ritual Cleanse, $80–$95 per day, at
• Consists of 6 juice blends made from vegetables and fruits that you drink throughout the day for maximum energy and nutrient absorption
• Uses 100% organic ingredients
• No powders, additives, or pesticides
• Made from fresh, locally grown, organic produce and nuts
• Can supplement with optional juices for pre- and post-exercise nutrition; $15 per set
• Enter Promocode “PageDailyJuice” and you’ll get 20% off your first order of Ritual Cleanse
• Promocode expires January 31st

Buy I Am Beyond Spring 2011 Collection, $47–$132, at
• Spring 2011 available online starting January 15
• Truly stylish activewear
• Color options vary depending on style, but include: Blush, Apricot, Sage, Periwinkle, White, True Navy, Dark Brown, Graphite, Black
• Styles include: long scoop neck tank, original cami blush, shirred cami blush, racerback cami blush, curve jacket blush
• THE brand among celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, and Reese Witherspoon

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Edited by Daniela Apeloig

We know you love PageDaily, and that you wait all morning for our daily emails to hit your inbox in time for your lunch or coffee break reading and shopping pleasure. You wouldn’t want to miss articles like budget friendly fashion trend picks, the best beauty gadgets on the market, and more. In case you did, here are some of our recent fashion, beauty, and fitness highlights. On Trend & On Budget:
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Love Week Makeover: Ring in the New Year Radiantly

By Sue Devitt

It’s vitally important to care for every aspect of yourself in order to achieve your full beauty potential. Focus on what you love about yourself, what you feel empowered by, what makes you unique. To find the right beauty look, confidence is key. Whether you’re already in love or getting ready to look—refresh, revamp, reinvent, and bring in radiance this New Year with these quick and easy makeup makeover tips.

Makeover for Love Step 1: Get Glowing
Thoroughly prep your skin for the New Year by exfoliating to create youthful, glowing skin. Use a gentle acid peel, microdermabrasion, or a granular exfoliating scrub to remove lifeless skin cells and refresh your complexion—out with the old, in with the new!
Buy Sue Devitt Microquatic Lactic Renewal Facial Peel, $62, at
Buy St. Ives Apricot Invigorating Scrub, $4.29, at

Makeover for Love Step 2: Keep Calm
Apply regular facial masques once or twice a week to maintain a beautiful complexion that looks and feels smoother, softer, and ultimately healthier and more hydrated. When everything feels just as fabulous as it looks, you’ll feel a huge boost in confidence.
Buy Sue Devitt Microquatic Oxygen Infusion Masque, $40, at
Buy IS Clinical Cleansing Complex, $36 (6 oz.), at

Makeover for Love Step 3: Forever Young
Recreate collagen production, refine elasticity, and create a healthy, youthful radiance by misting skin before and after makeup application to pack on anti-aging ingredients.
Buy Sue Devitt Microquatic Luminous Finishing Mist, $45, at
Buy The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist, $16, at

Makeover for Love Step 4: Go Bare
Never underestimate the power of minimalism. Give your complexion a quick pick-me-up by blending a warm rosy blush on the apples of the cheeks and a few coats of lengthening mascara.
Buy Sue Devitt Gel-to-Powder Blush, $20, at
Buy CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Waterproof Mascara, $6.94, at

Makeover for Love Step 5: Be Golden
If you’re not a fan of the red-lipstick-revolution that’s happening now, spruce up your lips with a shiny nude, gold, rust, or burnt-amber lip gloss that matches your skin tone, and work it into a nude lipstick (dot it onto the bottom lip only). This special effect will keep you glowing throughout the New Year!
Buy Sue Devitt Lip Enhancing Gloss, $22, at
Buy Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur (here in Pure Nude), $30, at

Makeover for Love Step 6: Stand Corrected
The final step to ring in youthful radiance is to apply a peach-tone concealer to the undereye area. The peach hue counteracts the green-and-blue tones of dark circles. Apply with your fingertips from underneath your bottom lashes outward toward the temple. Then sweep a lightweight powder with treatment benefits over the top to set the look. Just be conscious not to blend too far out over fine lines as this may accentuate them.
Buy Sue Devitt Bermuda Triangle Undereye Corrector with Orchid Extract, $22, at


Sue Devitt, Beauty Contributing Editor
Australian-born, international celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt created the brand that would forever change the landscape of the beauty industry. Years of product development experience throughout the United States, Australia, and Japan inspired Ms. Devitt to develop a line . . . Read more of Sue’s product picks and beauty secrets


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The Secret to Flawless-Looking Skin? Start with Flawless Foundation

By Sue Devitt

The Secret to Flawless Foundation
As a makeup artist working with celebrities and developing my own product line, I have spent years perfecting a technique for applying flawless-looking foundation. You don’t have to walk the red carpet to achieve foundation perfection. Follow my tips and you can get the same professionally applied look I create when working with Hollywood’s most beautiful women.

How to Choose the Perfect Foundation for You
The question I’m asked most often from women all over the world: How do I choose the right shade of foundation? With a vast range of choices, this decision can be very challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick to choosing the right foundation shade for your skin tone—match the color to your neck. You never want to see a demarcation line between your jaw line and neck; the color should flow naturally. Also, the general rule is to go for a yellow-based foundation if you have an olive complexion and more of a pink tone if you have an English rose complexion. If you have a darker complexion, I suggest a redder undertone. The most important tip? Make sure your foundation contains anti-aging benefits. You’re wearing it anyway. Let it work for you!

The Foundation Finish to Polish Your Look
After selecting your shade, you must decide on a finish. A matte finish is beautiful, but make sure it is hydrating, so it doesn’t appear powdery or dry on the skin. A dewy foundation look is very flattering and looks the most natural. If you prefer the iridescent look, I would go for a primer that has light-reflecting particles and keeps your foundation natural.

My Primer Tip: Prep skin with a treatment primer. Primers create a smooth canvas for application and help bind makeup to the skin for longer wear throughout the day.

My Foundation Product Picks:
Buy Sue Devitt 70% Triple Seaweed Gel Foundation for a sheer finish, $38, at
Buy Sue Devitt Triple C-Weed Whipped Foundation for more coverage and added hydration, $40, at
Buy Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation, $11.99, at
Buy Shiseido Powdery Foundation, $29.50, at

The Best Technique to Apply Foundation
Once you’ve chosen your foundation, it’s time to focus on application. I’ve found the best way to apply foundation is with your fingertips. I do this with all my celebrity clients. Applying foundation with your hands allows you to really work around the different contours of the face and, most importantly, allows you to feel your skin’s hydration level.

The Steps for Foundation and Flawless Skin
Start with the T-zone and work your way outward. Just make sure you don’t forget the eyelids and under-eye area! Applying foundation to your eyelids helps to keep consistency and texture all over. Then, apply a light dusting of loose powder on the T-zone and cheeks, followed by concealer where needed. I’m a proponent of foundation first, then concealer, so you can actually see what you need to conceal. Foundation alone will correct a majority of skin issues.

My Blush Tip: Apply blush high on the apples of your cheeks for an instant facelift. Try a pretty wash of a pink-plum color such as Silky Blush in Belize, perfect for a rosy glow.

My Blush Picks:
Buy Sue Devitt Silky Blush in Belize, $20, at
Buy Maybelline ExpertWear Blush in Plushed Plum, $4.49, at
Buy Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Rose Bronze, $42, at

The Best Way to Hide a Blemish
When concealing a blemish, make it look as natural as possible to avoid drawing attention to the area. To do this, apply your foundation as you normally would, then use a concealer to cover—choose one with enough moisture to keep the area from becoming cakey. Set the concealer with pressed or loose powder, using a tapered powder brush.

My Bronzer Tip: Add a little oil-free, water-based liquid bronzer to your foundation or moisturizer and apply to the face. This gives the skin a natural glow.

My Bronzer Picks:
Buy Sue Devitt Triple Touch Light Reflecting Bronzer in Beausoleil, $30, at
Buy Nars The Multiple in Palm Beach, $38, at
Buy Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer, $74, at

Choosing the Right Foundation for Each Season
A lot of women experience different skin types from season to season, so I recommend using a more sheer formula during hot summer months, then switching to a foundation that offers more coverage and hydration in winter. For women who have oily skin, it’s best to use an oil-free foundation formulation all year.

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Sue Devitt, Beauty Contributing Editor
Australian-born, international celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt created the brand that would forever change the landscape of the beauty industry. Years of product development experience throughout the United States, Australia, and Japan inspired Ms. Devitt to develop a line . . . Read more of Sue’s product picks and beauty secrets

Makeover Your Makeup:
A Guide for Cosmetics to Toss, Makeup to Keep & Products to Buy

Interview by Lindsay Leff

Watch me survive as Raychel Wade makes me kiss half my makeup collection goodbye—and keep the must-haves we all need.

Makeup and beauty-product hoarding has become an epidemic! OK, while it may not be on par with, say, global warming, it certainly is an issue for women who love makeup (including myself) and lack a Sephora-sized vanity. Enter professional makeup artist and consultant Raychel Wade, who does the usual weddings and photo shoots, and also is La Prairie’s Colour Ambassador, the brand’s in-house makeup artist and spokesperson. Wade gives us the makeup dos and don’ts, must-haves and throwaways, and everything in between for getting your makeup stash in tip-top shape.

Lindsay Leff: What gave you the idea to become a makeup consultant?
Raychel Wade: My first job in the industry was behind a makeup counter, and I saw countless women get frustrated with the vast selection. They were overwhelmed and looking for that personal touch. I saw a niche that wasn’t filled and decided to be that liaison between the woman and the counter.

LL: What types of products should you always have in your purse?
RW: You don’t need to carry around a lot—a lip gloss, blush, and mascara should do the trick on the go. Think of what you will really need to touch up with and leave the rest at home. I see women carrying around shadow palettes and dozens of brushes, and all that just weighs you down!

LL: What are the top products everyone must own?
RW: I think every woman should not be without mascara, brow gel, bronzer, concealer, and lip gloss. And a bright blush!

LL: How do you know when to throw out makeup?
RW: Anything that has a creamy consistency (cream shadows, foundations, mascara, etc.) can easily carry bacteria and should be replaced every 6 months. Powder products can last up to a year. But to keep them lasting longer, make sure to wash your brushes with shampoo.

LL: Why should you part with an over-stuffed makeup collection?
RW: Think of it like cleaning out your clothes closet. It will make you feel so much lighter, and you can make room for new goodies!

LL: What one look can work on most women?
RW: The universal flattering look is the one where you look like the best version of yourself. Nothing is too heavy, and everything looks clean and polished.

LL: What products can you use to get the look?
RW: Use a neutral palette. Start with a light foundation and use a little bronzer on your cheekbones and a bright pink blush on the apples. On the eyes, stick with 1–2 light-color shadows like champagne and taupe, and 2 coats of thickening mascara. Add a light gloss and you are complete.

LL: What are your best makeup tips for night?
RW: It you want to bump up your makeup look for nights, add a bit of shimmer on your cheekbones and some black liner inside your lid for instant smoke.

LL: What should you have multiples of?
RW: I like to have 3 colored glosses, 2 blushes (1 peach and 1 pink), and some different shadow colors.

LL: What products don’t you need?
RW: You don’t need multiples of mascara, concealer, bronzer, or foundation. Makeup is such a reflection of your personal style; there is a product for everyone!

LL: What tools should you own?
RW: The most useful tools of the trade are an eyelash curler, a slanted liner brush, a blending brush, a bronzer brush, and a blush brush. I tend to leave those at home and opt to carry a product that comes with a great brush, like La Prairie’s Cellular Treatment Illuminating Face Powder.
Buy La Prairie Cellular Treatment Illuminating Face Powder, $60, at

LL: What are your favorite drugstore brands?
RW: I love anything by Sonia Kashuk and Revlon.

LL: What products do you pick up on your travels?
RW: When I go to London, I love looking in Boots. They usually have fun lip balms that we don’t!

LL: What’s your favorite makeup remover?
RW: I love La Prairie’s Cellular Cleansing Water!
Buy La Prairie Cellular Cleansing Water, $80, at

LL: What are your favorite makeup organizers and carriers?
RW: For makeup storage at home, I think Lucite trays are fantastic since your can see everything and there are little compartments to separate all your products. For travel, I like a bag that can hang on the back of a hotel door, and for a purse, I love the little nylon Prada bags. I know they are pricey, but they last forever and hold a lot.
Buy The Container Store Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer, $34.99, at
Buy Sephora Collection Silver-Sequined Large Travel Hanging Bag, $52, at
Buy Prada Nylon Triangle Cosmetic Bag (here in Red), $170, at

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Buy Prada Nylon Triangle Cosmetic Bag, $170


Buy Prada Nylon Triangle Cosmetic Bag (here in Red), $170, at

  • Soft nylon case with front logo hardware and leather zipper pull
  • Nylon lining and inside zipper pocket
  • 8″ x 5″ x 3½”
  • Available in Black, Red, and Blue

Shop the Full Story:
Makeover Your Makeup: A Guide for Cosmetics to Toss, Makeup to Keep & Products to Buy
Interview by Lindsay Leff

Buy Sephora Collection Silver-Sequined Large Travel Hanging Bag, $52


Buy Sephora Collection Silver-Sequined Large Travel Hanging Bag, $52, at

  • 12″ x 30″ (open); 12″ x 10″ x 2.5″ (closed)
  • Faux leather and inside nylon lining
  • Organize your beauty products for easy access and use

Shop the Full Story:
Makeover Your Makeup: A Guide for Cosmetics to Toss, Makeup to Keep & Products to Buy
Interview by Lindsay Leff

Buy The Container Store Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer, $34.99


Buy The Container Store Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer, $34.99, at

  • Organize and store your entire makeup collection
  • Chic enough to leave on your vanity countertop
  • Made of durable, heavyweight acrylic
  • Lipstick organizer is removable

Shop the Full Story:
Makeover Your Makeup: A Guide for Cosmetics to Toss, Makeup to Keep & Products to Buy
Interview by Lindsay Leff

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