March 2023

Lose Weight with Lip Gloss & Other Cool Makeup Magic

By Stacey Mayesh

Huge Lips Skinny Hips—a plumping lip gloss—was the first product launched by cult beauty brand Purple Lab. Now, with a half dozen double-duty beauty products in its arsenal and a deal to sell online through Urban Outfitters starting November 11, the brand is set to go from under-the-radar darling to mainstream fave.

Started by Karen Robinovitz, a former fashion journalist and all-around style guru, Purple Lab showcases multitasking products and sly humor. The Huge Lips Skinny Hips gloss includes a lip plumper and hoodia, an appetite suppressant. So as your lips get bigger, your hips get skinnier . . . sounds like win-win to me!

The lip gloss colors are fabulous and the names are as clever as Karen, who is hands-down the most creative woman I have EVER met! Think Kitty Pole Dancer (because Karen really wishes she was an exotic dancer), Worship Kate (because she WORSHIPS anything and everything Kate Moss), Red Sole (an ode to her god, Christian Louboutin), and No Panty Lines (a perfectly clear gloss).

Other Purple Lab makeup products include such genius combos as Cheek Implants, a cream blush with collagen for those supermodel cheeks; Luxury Squared, a concealer and highlighter in one; and the 2 latest—Silk Sheets, a lightening, brightening, firming, and moisturizing powerhouse that goes on bare skin, like silk sheets; and Pearlesque Show Silicone-Free Primer, a canvas for flawless foundation.

I’m OBSESSED with this stuff . . .

Buy Huge Lips Skinny Hips, $25, at
Buy Cheek Implants, $26, at
Buy Luxury Squared, $26.50, at
Buy Silk Sheets, $34.50, at
Buy Pearlesque Show Silicone-Free Primer, $30, at

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Stacey Mayesh, Fashion Contributing Editor
I am a NYC-based fashion stylist who has worked with top-tier magazines (Marie Claire, InStyle, Elle, Lucky), and celebs (Selma Blair, Jessica Alba, Susan Sarandon, Sean Combs) for 15 years. I was recently featured in Vogue and on NBC Weekend Today. I now work with private clients bringing a fresh . . . Read more of Stacey’s fashion secrets

Buy Purple Lab Huge Lips Skinny Hips, $25


Buy Purple Lab Huge Lips Skinny Hips, $25, at

  • Lip gloss with plumper and hoodia, an appetite suppressant
  • Comes in 8 sexy, wearable shades

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Lose Weight with Lip Gloss & Other Cool Makeup Magic
By Stacey Mayesh