August 2020

The Octopus, $20

octopusYour morning travel equation: purse + coffee + carry on + umbrella + newspaper + laptop = catastrophe. Our solution? This AskMelissa Best Kept Secret—the Octopus Strap. Like having a second set of hands in happy colors, it holds together portfolios, laptops, newspapers, packages and more. Now our fingers are free to Twitter about AskMelissa’s fabulous Best Kept Secrets!

Price: $20

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Men May Come and Men May Go but I’ve Still Got My Little Pink Raincoat: Life and Love in and out of My Wardrobe by Gigi Anders, $19.95

little-pink-raincoatThese engaging essays are each dedicated to a different glamorous and hard-to-find piece of clothing owned by the narrator. The work begins with the hunt for a pink raincoat that she is convinced will make her increasingly distant boyfriend see her in an entirely new light. She finds it. He turns out to be colorblind. For anyone who ever believed that the right piece of clothing would provide a whole new lease on life.

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Lagerfeld Confidential (2006), $22.49

lagerfeld-confidentialThis documentary, compiled over three years, offers an insider’s view of Lagerfeld’s life and philosophy. It will have you considering the influential visionary in a whole new light, as he reflects upon his feud with Yves Saint Laurent and contemplates the enduring power of fashion.

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Ready To Wear (1994), $19.99

ready-to-wearThis biting satire by director Robert Altman takes place during Paris fashion week. You’ll spot familiar faces—like Sophia Loren—as the models, designers and stars in attendance bicker over styles and emerging trends. Sound familiar?!

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The September Issue (2009), $6.87

september-issueYour September won’t be complete unless you see this amazing documentary about the editorial team at Vogue compiling their September 2007 (pre-Recession!) book. As the ad-sales team toasts the biggest issue ever with champagne, you can wax nostalgic about the good old days, but the portrayals of André Leon Talley, Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour are relevant and riveting in any economic climate.

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Funny Face (1957), $27.44

funny-faceThe classic that makes every woman yearn to be a model posing for Richard Avedon—and also to be reincarnated as Audrey Hepburn. The Maggie Prescott character is a wonderful homage to Diana Vreeland. And the songs, by George and Ira Gershwin, aren’t bad either.

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